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The secret to getting streak free mirrors

20 Mar

My kids have a stand alone white and pink mirror (not with real glass, but somehow it’s mirror-ish anyway) in the play room (aka dining room).  Hannah loves standing in front of it and practicing her funny faces.  Daniel loves to wipe his grubby fingers all over it and giggle.  Needless to say, it’s a sticky, finger printed mess that I really need to clean far more often.

And to get it sparkling for the kids’ enjoyment, here is some advice in today’s guest post:

The Secret to Getting Streak Free Mirrors

If you have sprayed and polished and the mirror still shows streaks, this can become very frustrating. You will notice it every time you walk past the mirror and will know exactly where the streaks are! Cleaning mirrors to a great standard should not be a long laborious process. There are many secrets to getting streak free mirrors in a surprisingly short amount of time with minimum effort.

Never use newspaper

In days gone by, a spray and then circular motions made with scrunched up newspaper used to leave sparkling streak free mirrors. Today’s newspaper is printed with a different type of ink. This ink will actually leave a residue on your mirror so you can buff with the scrunched up newspaper all you want, but you will never get a good result. Paper towel is no good either as it will leave small flecks of lint on the mirror.

Use the correct cloth

A flat weave microfibre cloth will give a great result. Flat weaves dry fast and will leave not lint behind. Flat weaves also do not allow debris to accumulate on a microfibre cloth.

Always use a glass cleaner

Cleaning products made specifically for glass do not suds up and therefore will not leave any residue on the mirror. Using the wrong liquid cleaner can actually leave a slight haze over the surface of the mirror. Another good liquid option is a mixture of white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Rubbing alcohol can also be used for a streak free finish.

How to remove sticky globs

Dab a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol. Bathroom mirrors tend to have spots of toothpaste spatter, flecks of soap suds and droplets of hairspray all over the surface of the mirror. Insects can also leave behind unsightly evidence that they have been on the mirror. Quickly rub any sticky globs with the rubbing alcohol.

How to finish the job

Quickly give the mirror a light spray with the glass cleaner. Fold you cloth in four and starting in the top left hand corner, slide your cloth to the right hand side. Then zigzag backwards and forwards across the mirror. Cleaning your mirror in this way will mean you won’t miss any spots. Turn to a clean spot on your cloth and immediately wipe away any streaks or marks. Your mirror will sparkle like a new one!

Clearly Glass is a company that offers glass cleaning solutions. Glass and mirrors are a great addition to any home as they can make a small area look spacious. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and are used in the home and in commercial premises. In fact, some people have a love affair with mirrors and become collectors. A streak free mirror will always look good and if positioned correctly, can enhance the room in which it is hung. Instead of hanging a piece of artwork, why not hang an ornate mirror instead!

*This post was brought to you by Clearly Glass.

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