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Racing Daddy

28 Oct

Aaron has finally joined me in the no-longer-considered-young-adult club.  He turned 30 this week.  For his 30th birthday blowout, he rode his motorbike to Melbourne (which is at least 12 hours from here) with some friends, and went to the MotoGP on Phillip Island, a race that was shown on free to air TV.

“Who wants to watch a motorbike race?” I asked the kids. “Daddy is there, he is in the sitting in the grandstands watching the race.”

“Daddy is racing!” Daniel said excitedly.

“No, Daddy is watching the race.  See all those people sitting down,” I told them as I pointed to the grandstands in the background on the TV, “Daddy is in there somewhere.”

“No, Daddy is racing his motorbike!!!” Daniel exclaimed with glee, confident that somehow Daddy has been moonlighting as a motorbike racer.

This is what happened when the race started:

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