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Bubba makes boys cry

16 Nov

Trying on one of my bikini’s, I looked in the mirror. Finally, my linea nigra is starting to fade. It’s still there, but not so loud and proud as before. I’m glad I can fit into my bikini’s, but I still have 3 kilos to lose before I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight. No rush though, it’s only been 4 months. I put my shorts on the other day too. I tried them a month or so ago, and couldn’t get them past my hips/butt, let alone do them up, so I’m ecstatic that I can fit in to them now.

“Ouch!!” Ok, well that’s what he would have said if he could talk, but he is just a 4 month old baby, so he curled out his bottom lip, and started crying instead. Hannah has started to take interest in other babies, and reaches out to touch them and grab their hands. Unfortunately, she gave Archie a nipple cripple while she was at it. He wasn’t the only baby she made cry that day, baby Connor also cried when she grabbed his hand too much. Watch out, we have a little heart breaker on our hands!!

Bubba and I went to the beach with the girls on Wednesday. I was a bit worried that Hannah might not like the water as it is still quite cold, but she couldn’t have cared less. As soon as I put her little feet in the wet sand, she started bouncing (she does that when she’s happy). The little waves crashed over her feet, which she also loved. She watched her feet as the water went out, burying her little toes in the sand. I didn’t want to keep her in too long though, her little bubba feet were getting quite cold.

Speaking of feet, Hannah has discovered that she has some. She can entertain herself for ages, just laying on her back, grabbing her toes. Or, she lifts her head and shoulders up, as well as her feet, and looks at them for a while.

I like that Hannah is now exploring the wide world of food, but I don’t like the increasingly smelly, sticky poops. Last night, she ate 2 TBSP of rice cereal (with breast milk), and another 2 TBSP of sweet potato (with breast milk). This morning, she had a really smelly, sticky poo. I hate to think what her poos will smell like when she is over 6 months old, and getting more solids then breast milk!

Stubborn linea nigra

16 Aug

Time since birth: 6 weeks
Weight loss this week: Forgot to weigh myself this morning, can’t be bothered to right now
Total weight loss: see above….

I would have thought that by 6 weeks my linea nigera (or whatever it is called, that line that goes down the middle of my stomach) would have disappeared, or at least started fading. It is still there, loud and proud. My lochia has pretty much stopped now (about time!!!), which I’m extremely happy about.

I was brushing my hair the other night, and couldn’t get the brush through a bit in the front. On closer examination, I found there was something white that had dried in my hair. Baby vomit…. I have no idea how long it had been there (well, I mean it was that day sometime). I guess you know you’re a mom when you find baby vomit in random places.

Speaking of baby vomit, sometimes Hannah vomits (well, spits up) quite a bit. Then I think “is she sick, does she have reflux, is this normal???” Some of the girls (from my antenatal class, we get together every week) were wondering the same thing, so they asked about it at their mothers group. They were told that if the baby isn’t upset after spitting up, then it’s not a problem, they either drank too much, or it came up with a burp or something. Phew, she doesn’t get upset when she does it, so everything is a-ok.

For some reason, Hannah likes to take her morning naps on me (or Aaron on the weekend). I try to put her in her cot a few times but each time she cries, then it gets to the point where if I don’t let her sleep on me, she is not going to get enough sleep, and considering she doesn’t get a lot of sleep anyway (she sleeps 11-15 hours in a 24 hour period, they say babies should get 16-18), I relent and let her sleep on me just so she gets some sleep. I’ll have to ask about that in my mothers group which starts on Tuesday. Hannah likes to keep us on our toes when she sleeps on us. Her favourite position seems to be face first on your shoulder. I have to keep my hand on her back just to make sure she is still breathing and not suffocating herself. I don’t know how she breathes when she is face first on me, but somehow she does.

Finally, I don’t have roots down to my ears! The Jess came over on the weekend and dyed my hair for me. I am now a brunette (with a reddish tinge), and it only cost me $9.99 (but since there are no pennies in Australia, it was really $10).

I will have a very busy week this week. I have my 6 week check up tomorrow to make sure I’m all healed, etc. after giving birth. Tuesday I have my first mothers group, Wednesday, my boob specialist appointment, and then on Friday, I should be starting a postnatal pilates class. I left the registration a bit late (I’m faxing it tomorrow), so hopefully I will get in. I’m also going to take Hannah to the shopping centre to get some groceries. If she gets hungry, I can just take her to the mothers room which, I’m told, has TVs so you can feed your baby and not be bored.

35 weeks

31 May

Pregnancy: 35 weeks 1 day
Total weight gain: 15 Kilos (33lbs)
Baby size (head to butt): 31cm (12.2in)
Baby size (head to foot): 45cm (17.7in)
Baby weight (approx): 2.3kg (5lbs)

I finally had my do I need a caesarian ultrasound on Wednesday. The appointment started out ok, the technician checked Mushi’s size and measurements, which were all spot on what they should be, with Mushi’s head down, and bum pretty much right under my boob (so where my stomach has migrated to, I’m not quite sure), laying on his/her side. I asked if I get a disc full of nice images like I did at my other ultrasounds (which were performed elsewhere, this one was at the hospital). She said no. Darn. I couldn’t even see the screen as she was performing the ultrasound. At the other place, the screen is positioned so both the mom and the technician can see it, so the mom doesn’t have to just stare at the ceiling the whole time. Then I was told I needed an internal ultrasound (“transvaginal” I believe is the technical term…). Not again. I’m not really a fan of being probed in my bits, but if it means I don’t have to have a c-section, then go for it. I had to put on one of those open at the butt gowns and then hello camera (well, ultrasound instrument). Mushi’s head is right down in my pelvis, so the technician tried to push the head up a little to allow some amniotic fluid to get under his head. Mushi was having none of that though. He seems quite comfortable down there and refused to move his head (and instead protested by kicking me in the ribs). The technician was amazed at how much Mushi was moving during the ultrasound. I told her he is playing games. Usually when you push on my stomach that means it’s playtime, and Mushi pushes back. Clever little baby. Anyway, after much prodding, the end of the placenta could not be seen at all by the internal ultrasound as it was too far away (which is a good thing). In the end, it was determined that my placenta is 7cm from my cervix, and no scheduled caesarian is needed. My placenta used to be 7mm from my cervix, so that was great news.

Thursday was my last day of work. I finally get to sleep in!!!! They took me out to lunch and gave me a cute little polar fleece blanket with a zebra on it for the baby. Now I get to rest up before Mushi is born, get the room ready, etc.

I mentioned before that I like surprises, but not surprise shots. Well, I got another surprise shot on Friday. I really wish they would warn me. Maybe something like “on your next visit, you will need to get another anti-D shot.” Although, then I may have been stressing about getting the shot (I HATE needles!), so maybe I don’t want warning. The Jury is still out. This time the midwife asked me if I wanted it in the arm or the butt. What? I have a choice? I didn’t get a choice last time. She said she likes to give people a choice. I asked her which hurt less, and she said the butt. Butt it is then. Last time it didn’t really hurt when I was getting it, and it didn’t hurt at all afterwards. This time, it was quite painful, and my butt was sore for hours afterwards. I think maybe that particular midwife needs some more practice giving shots. She was quite young, so I suppose she was not as experienced as the older midwife I had for my last butt shot. Luckily I don’t have to have another until after Mushi is born. Word on the street is they won’t be routinely giving negative blood type pregnant women anti-D anymore because it takes too many blood donations (they are made with blood or platelets or some part of human blood) to make them and there aren’t enough donors. There also isn’t a huge chance that the baby’s blood will mix with the mothers before birth if you haven’t had any sort of bleeding or anything. The midwife said that Mushi is thriving in there. I never tire of hearing that. The ultrasound tech said after taking all measurements, heart rate, etc. that he/she is perfect. Good baby.

I had my first baby shower on Saturday. The Jess (my sister in law) organised it, and had it at her and Grandma’s house. The greek in The Jess (I call her the Jess, she calls me The Sheri, that is just how we are) really came out, and there was food everywhere. I certainly wasn’t complaining! I even got to eat oreos. Finally, I’ve only been craving them for like 2 months. I didn’t want to buy any because I knew I would eat the entire pack. We played some funny games. Guests had to team up look through magazines, and then cut and tape onto a piece of paper to make their idea of what Mushi will look like. Oh was that funny. There were 2 comical entries, and one realistic one. The realistic one was really good, they even had the eyebrows and hair. I got lots of good presents as well, which is really helpful considering all we really have so far is clothes. My host Mum Linda even made us the cutest quilt for the cot, as well as a cute little knitted sweater. My host sister Lauren knitted us some booties and a beanie that match the sweater. Awww….. At the end, everyone had to take some yarn and cut a length that they thought would be the measurement of my belly. Everyone but Lauren was WAY off!!!! The Jess’ string was nearly as long as she is tall (she’s not that tall, but still…). Come on people, I’m not that fat! Most pieces were at least a foot longer then necessary. Lauren was only off by about 3 inches. She said she guesstimated how big she would be if she were pregnant, and then halved that. You’re funny Lozza! FYI, I’m 97cm (38in) around the belly at the moment. The month I got pregnant, my waist was 60cm (23in). Of course now I’m measuring the biggest part of my stomach, and then I was measuring my waist, the smallest part. I don’t want to measure my hips/butt. I’m not game enough to see how much bigger they are.

My stomach looks even funnier now. Apart from the battle zone that is my belly button, I now have a line running all the way down the middle of my belly. It looks like I have dipped a very small paintbrush in the cheapest, most orange, ugly self tanner I could find, and then drew a line all the way from the top of my belly to my bikini line (well, I’m assuming it goes all the way down to there, but since I haven’t actually been able to see my bikini line for some months now, that is debatable. Lucky it’s not summer, fixing up my bikini line doesn’t go so well when you can’t actually see it). According to the pregnancy magazine I was reading on the weekend, this line usually appears around 14 weeks if you are going to get it. Some women don’t. I guess I’m just a late bloomer.

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