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Tricked into eating beef

29 Nov

I hate beef.  So much so that when I was little (maybe 3, 4, something like that), my parents tried to make me eat it after a lifetime of refusal.  I had to sit at the dining table until the measly little piece of beef of my plate was gone.  My mom sat with me for a long while. I’m stubborn as they come, I could have sat there for days. But then she had things to do.  Horses to ride and feed.  I knew they’d check the toilet, the garbage, all the usual little hidey-holes.  So I wrapped that disgusting piece of beef up in a paper towel and shoved it under the china hutch.  Oh yeah, my little 3 year old brain was awesome!

My parents looked and looked for that piece of beef, before finally coming to the conclusion that I must have eaten it.  Not long after, the house started getting smelly.  Like something rotting.  Ick. Still, no one found my sneaky little stash.  My parents thought some animal crawled under the house (ahem, I mean mobile home/trailer…) and died.  What? It’d happened before.

Any, did I mention I hate beef.  Ick.

So the other day, we went out to tappanyaki for The Jess’ birthday.  Mmmm tappanyaki…..  The chef cooked up some meat and handed it out to each of us.

“Kangaroo.”  He said.

“Kangaroo wasn’t on the menu, is it really kangaroo, because I don’t like beef.  Is it beef?”  I asked, all paranoid.

Everyone assured me it was kangaroo.

“Kangaroo.” The chef said again.

You like kangaroo?” The Jess asked me.

“I had it once.  It was pretty good.”

I put a little piece in my mouth.  It tasted kinda funny.  But then again, it’s been a long time since I had kangaroo.  I ate it anyway.
I put another little piece in my mouth.  No, that wasn’t the yummy taste of kangaroo I remembered.

“Ok, maybe I like kangaroo in small quantities.”  I said as I gave the rest to Aaron.

The chef kept cooking.  We got lots of different little courses.  A little bit later the teriyaki chicken was cooked.  I love teriyaki chicken.  And I certainly know what chicken looks like, cooked or otherwise.

“Crocodile.”  The chef said.

Excuse me?  “No it’s not!” I said.

“Emu.”  He said.

So he’s a cheeky chef.

“Hang on, there was no kangaroo was there?”

“You’re so gullible Sheri.”

You guys suck!

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Hannah turns two!!!

7 Jul

Tuesday was Hannah’s 2nd birthday. Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe she is 2!!!!!  Where did the time go?!?!?!?!?!?!  Seems like yesterday, I was pushing her out and riding the steep learning curve of parenting.

We already had a joint Cowboy/Cowgirl birthday party with everyone from our antenatal class (yes, the antenatal class we attended when pregnant with Hannah), so on the actual day, we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park (where we tried our best not to freeze and blow away as it was crazy windy), ate some cake, opened some presents, and had a look at an apartment for rent.  Here is the day in photos.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little girl!!!

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