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My poor sick girl

28 Mar

As I said earlier in the week, Hannah is sick.  It started with bacterial conjunctivitis, but that cleared up pretty much after the first application of eyedrops.  But then the fever and coughing set in.

Each morning, she would seem ok, playing and giggling, even eating breakfast.  I didn’t take her anywhere because I wanted her to get some rest and not exert herself too much.  She doesn’t usually have naps anymore, but she has been this week.  And when she wakes up, she looks miserable, is burning up, and doesn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch.

I have been taking her temperature every few hours, even in the mornings when she is happy and doesn’t seem sickly.  She hasn’t had a normal 36.8 degrees since Saturday, but in the mornings she is has been around 37.  Not too bad.  I can see her getting uncomfortable in her sleep and tossing around, and when she wakes up in the afternoon, her temperature has been 40 degrees.  The other day it got up to 40.5, which is so scary.

We had the night doctor out again 2 nights ago when her fever was 40.5 and Panadol and Nurofen were only taking it down to 38.  He said her chest and lungs sounded clear, but when she coughed he said she sounded like it could be an upper respiratory infection and prescribed antibiotics.

“It could still be a virus, but with her fevers and the sound of her cough, it could definitely be an infection.”

The next morning, she seemed quite well again.  I thought she was getting better.  Until the afternoon when the fever set back in and she looked miserable.

Daniel keeping his poor sick sister company on the couch whilst watching cartoons

Daniel keeping his poor sick sister company on the couch whilst watching cartoons (Daniel is sporting his sleepy face)

Last night she woke up in the middle of the night to pee.  We were woken by the bathroom light and extractor fan followed by screaming.

“MOMMY, THERE’S A COCKROACH IN THE BATHROOM!” Hannah was crying hysterically whilst freaking out, her pull up around her ankles (she only wears them at night).

A quick touch of her forehead proved she was burning up yet again.  The other nights she wasn’t feverish after she fell asleep.  I even set my alarm each night to check on her.

Another 40 degree fever.  Aaron and I were both up by then.  Cough, cough.  She sounded horrible.  And then she made the noise.  The noise the precedes the vomit.  That horrible half gagging, stuff-is-coming-up-from-the-stomach noise.  Even in the middle of the night, I am lighting fast if there is vomit involved.  We all know how much I hate vomit.  I got a bowl so fast Usain Bolt would have been left in my dust.  Vomit is Aaron’s to deal with though, so he got to hold up the bowl whilst Hannah vomited in it.

I made her drink some gatorade and take some Nurofen.

“When I’m sick, I sleep on the couch,” she told me.  I suppose because when Aaron or I am sick, that’s what we do, so that we don’t infect the other one.

She didn’t want to be alone, so I slept on the couch too.  She slept on her little fold out couch on the floor, I slept on the couch couch.  I stayed up for 45 minutes to make sure her fever went down before I went back to sleep.

This morning was the best morning she’s had since Saturday.  She stayed home from pre-school with me since she had been so sick over night, but she ate 3 pancakes for breakfast, was playing, dancing, singing, jumping around, and very happy in general.  I thought she was getting better for sure.

Until this afternoon, when again her fever set in.  39.5 degrees.  I gave her some Nurofen and took her straight to my usual doctor.  He listened to her chest giving me that usual quizzical look, trying to remember if her heart murmur is known, or not.  “Yeah, she has a heart murmur.”  I already know, it’s fine.  He wasn’t my usual doctor, but my usual doctors dad, my usual doctor is on vacation.  That’s what they told me anyway.

He put the stethoscope on her back and a concerned look crossed his face.  “She has an infection at the bottom of her left lung.” He told me.  Or something to that effect.  Maybe he said chest.  I’m not sure, but she has an infection there somewhere and now has to take stronger antibiotics because the ones she was on wouldn’t do anything to the bacteria that are colonising in her lung. Or chest.  Or whatever.

We went to the chemist to get her prescription and popped into the real estate agent to get the keys to our house (OUR HOUSE!!) while we waited.  Yeah, we got the keys today.  But we didn’t get to go there because Hannah’s health is more important.  The new house is going to have to take a back seat to our poor little sick girl.

If she isn’t improving by Saturday, I have to take her for a chest x-ray, which I already have a referral for, and if she is improving, I just have to take her back to the doctor on Tuesday.

Poor Hannah, I really hope she starts getting better.  She is looking very pale and is losing weight.  It’s horrible to see, but must be even worse to feel.

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes or if any sentences don’t make sense.  I usually read back over my posts, but it’s 9:05, and I’m tired, so I’m just going to go to bed instead.

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