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Hannah looks for lizards

24 Dec

One day, not that long ago, Hannah and I were playing in her playroom when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.  In a moment of terror, I thought I saw a giant, and I mean GIANT, cockroach.  Phew, on second look, this was no cockroach, but some kind of lizard.  It was terrified by my intrusion into it’s life and ran under the couch.  I grabbed a flashlight to find it, hoping to usher it towards the back door, to lizard freedom.

Hannah was very interested in what Mommy was doing.  She too wanted to look for the lizard.  I gave her the flashlight.  “Where’s the lizard?”  I asked her.  She got on her belly used the flashlight and looked under the couch.

Eventually, after about an hour of lizard hunting, the lizard made a break for it, managing to somehow defy the laws of physics and squeeze itself under the closed backdoor.

For weeks afterward, Hannah would ask for the flashlight (“Light?”) get on the ground and check under the couch.  We haven’t seen it since.

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