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How to lose your baby weight

30 May

I gained an enormous 17kgs in both of my pregnancies. Yeah, that’s a lot for someone who usually only weights 48-50kgs! After having Hannah, it took me a year to get back to 50kgs. Right now, 9 months after giving birth to Daniel, I weigh 48 kgs.

There is a brand new website called How Moms Lost Weight Fast, created by the maker of The WordPress How to Blog to inspire and inform other moms trying to lose their baby weight.

Well guess what? I’m the very first mom to be interviewed for the site! How did I lose 19 kilos so quickly after having Daniel? Read the interview to find out.

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In other news, I have been getting an enormous amount of review requests. Lots of people want me to try and blog about their product. So, I’ve created a whole new blog, A Mom’s Reviews to do just that.  I still have a few products to blog about on this blog, as I was sent them specifically for review here. After that though, all reviews will be on the new blog. Well, most. On occasion, something really good or amusing or something might come up that I will blog about here.

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