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So busy

10 Aug

I haven’t written in ages (as you’ve probably noticed).  The between semesters break from university is over and I’m back into it.  This semester I’m doing two subjects, which is part time, but it’s still pretty full on.  One of my subjects is soil science, which is interesting, and I’m sure very useful, but the work load is very large.  We have a 2 hour lecture each week, followed by a 3 hour workshop immediately afterwards, which doesn’t give me much time to read the 1-2+ chapters of the text book and write lab reports.  I also have to memorise all of the orders and suborders of soils, and you’d be surprised at how many there actually are.



I’m also taking resource sustainability, which is really interesting, but also time intensive since we have to take a quiz every week as well as researching a relevant topic, writing a report about it, and finally, making a six minute documentary about it.  I’m really excited about the documentary, but I’m also struggling to find time to keep up with the demands of both subjects.

So yeah, sorry about my lack of writing, but time is not on my side right now.

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