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Are sofa beds a practical option for kids?

20 Jun

Do you have more kids than bedrooms? Or maybe small bedrooms that the kids still want to play in but can’t if there is a bed taking up most of the room? Today’s guest post looks at the option of sofa beds:

When you are considering new furniture in your home, there are a lot of important aspects to think about such as cost, size, space, style and suitability. Add in the factor of children and ‘fun’ becomes a vital component too! Sofa beds are becoming more popular as an option for guest rooms and temporary sleeping arrangements, but how suitable are they as a full-time replacement for a child’s bed?

Space Saving and Money Saving

core advantage to sofa beds is the space saving appeal; they are perfect for larger families or those who have smaller rooms. During the day sofa beds make a perfect seating arrangement and can quickly and easily be pulled down for night-time use. If they are not likely to be used for seating during the day because the kids are at school, they can be kept down as beds during the week and used as a sofa at the weekend, giving the youngsters their very own ‘lounge’ separate to the grown-ups! Some sofa beds can even be packed away with sheets still on them to save more time, and the dual purpose of added seating can save money as well as space in a room.

This all of course depends upon having a separate room for your child, but if your sofa bed is in the living room you may run into difficulties, particularly once the rebellious teenage years begin. Your teenager will need space in which to spend time by themselves (and you will need a break too), meaning you should probably consider moving into a bigger living space rather than managing restricted rooms with a sofa bed. Since the economic downturn, buying property has become a lot more affordable, making this more of a practical solution for families who need to up-size!

Health and Safety

A major concern with furniture can be the health and safety aspects and you will probably question whether using a sofa bed long-term is as good as buying a standard bed for your child. There are a wide range of sofa bed designs available, and it is important to take the time to find one with a good quality mattress, which is hard wearing. Mattresses can for example come with anti-microbial cushioning plus waterproof protective covers just in case accidents happen when your child is still young. In addition you should ensure that the mattress supports the spine, aligning the lower back to relieve strains and tension.

Customers should always ask about the structure, particularly looking at where the frame sits when the couch is formed as a bed, to make sure it will not be uncomfortable or damaging to anyone using it on a long-term basis. An alternative solution might be a bunkbed with a sofa underneath, if your child is set on having a lounge space in a small bedroom.

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