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The little blankie that could

7 Oct

Fill in the Blankie, a personalised baby blanket:

I travelled across the world to get here.  But it didn’t take me very long.  I was so excited to finally get out of my package and meet my owner/best friend – the person who will love me unconditionally for the rest of their life.  Daniel.

I could hear the package around me being torn open.  Light flooded in. “Oh wow, it’s beautiful!” Someone said.

A little girl grabbed me and excitedly ran off giggling.

The little girl trying to steal me

“No, no, you’re not Daniel!!!” I screamed.  “I belong to Daniel, not to you! Daniel’s name, birthdate, time of birth, and weight are written on me.  Not yours!”  But she kept cuddling me and running around, totally ignoring my pleas, acting as if she couldn’t even hear me.

“That’s for Daniel sweetie, you already have a special blanket that you love.”  She put me down and ran off to get her own blanket.

Finally, I got to meet Daniel.  I was wrapped around him, warm and snug.  I knew from that moment that we would be forever bonded.  He would cherish me his whole life, eventually showing me to his own children.  I knew that I would be that one blanket that he always kept.  Everyone has that one blankie.  But I’m special.  I’m personalised.   I am made to last.  I’m adorable.  I’m loveable., cuddly, and soft.

Then he threw up on me.   “Oh no,” his mom said “the blankie!”

I'm very well made!

“That’s ok,” I told her “I’m robust and made of high quality materials, you can wash me!  Just throw me in the washing machine, I’ll be fine!”  But she couldn’t hear me.  Probably because I’m a blanket.  Luckily she threw me in anyway.  Good as new.

Want your own Fill in the Blankie? You can get 20% off by ordering one by 19 October 2011 using the code iwnt20. Click here for some suggestions for  personalizing your baby blanket.

Want to WIN a digital gift certificate for $150 towards any Fill in the Blankie (mine cost less than that including shipping, so depending on the blanket you get, you won’t have to pay a dime!)? All you have to do is comment on this post telling me your most embarrassing mommy story.  Anyone in the world can enter, you don’t have to be in the U.S. or Australia.  Entries will be judged by an impartial third party as I’m sure I will know some of you who enter (to make it fair for those I know and those I don’t) and will be notified via email. Contest ends 13 October.


UPDATE: Some people have said the this site won’t let them leave a comment, so you can also post your entry on the Mommy Adventures facebook page wall.

*A free personalised Daniel blanket was given to me by Fill in the Blankie for me to review.

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