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Slow down!

20 Dec

Our WRX goes from 0-60 KPH in 5 point something seconds (or something like that…).  This is very handy when going on a rather short, uphill on-ramp to the motorway.  The light went green and I hit the gas.  What’s the point of having a fast car if I don’t use it?

“Ok, you’ve proved your point. SLOW DOWN!”  YaYa told me, rather shakily.

“Um….I’m not even up to speed yet.  I’m only going 90, the speed limit is 110.  It’s a lot harder to merge if you’re going 20k’s under the speed limit.”

YaYa: “Oh.”  YaYa is apparently not used to fast cars.

P.S. There is no excuse for not getting up to speed on on-ramps that are down hill, yet most people try to merge at like 40k under the speed limit.  Seriously people, that is DANGEROUS.  Just the other day, I was cruising down the motorway, going the speed limit when someone tried to merge way, way under speed.  He (or she, couldn’t tell) pulled right out in front of me, despite travelling along at snail pace,  forcing me to quickly change lanes (or slam on my brakes if there was someone in the next lane.  Luckily there wasn’t).  It’s dangerous, Speed up people!

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