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Gold Coast – part 2: Bring your own lunch

24 Sep

I looked around; babies, kids, parents, prams, as far as the eye could see.  I’d never seen so many families/kids in one place before.  Even on a Friday, Sesame Street Beach at SeaWorld was very, very, popular.  The Sesame Street show grandstands were absolutely full of children, delighted at seeing their favourite characters coming to life (I don’t know how the people inside the suits weren’t absolutely scorching.

"Why is everyone looking at me? I'm not at all odd looking."

It was a hot day, and those big furry suits couldn’t have been too cool inside).  Hannah, on the other side, couldn’t care less.  Maybe (ok, probably) because she’s never actually seen Sesame Street (she’s not allowed to watch tv).  Maybe because she’s a doer, not a watcher.  Either way, she was bored, so we made a hasty exit.

Next stop: rides of course!  Kiddie rides.  Hannah LOVED the airplane (Aaron maintains that they were actually submarines) ride.  She got to sit in the front of the plane (strapped in of course) all by herself, with Aaron right behind her in the back seat.  She got to control the plane with a lever that made it go up and down.  The ride was so popular that Aaron and Hannah had to wait about 25 minutes to get on (on a Friday.  Who knew?).

I know, I'm adorable....

As lunch time rolled around, we made our way to the food court.  I wouldn’t really call it that myself except that that is what the sign outside proclaimed.  In reality, the “food court” only had one lunch place and a coffee place.  Hmmm…not very many choices, but I went with the fish and chips (I always have the urge to say fush and chups.  Ok, honestly, I usually do say fush and chups.  For you americans reading this, that is fish and chips in a New Zealand accent).

sighs "just because you like statue molesting, Mommy, doesn't mean I do!"

Twenty minutes later, Aaron was finally back with the food, and Hannah was already finished with hers.  It seems the “fast” food isn’t so fast at Sea World.  The line wasn’t even that long at that stage.  Biting into my fush and chups, I noticed the absence of that wonderful just fried crunch of the batter.  No, I didn’t get that at all.  My batter was chewy.  Chewy.  How did that happen?  Ew….  The fish was fishy.  Yuck.  Oh well, we paid the ridiculous you-can’t-go-anywhere-else-for-lunch-you’re-stuck-here-so-we’ll-charge-you-an-arm-and-a-leg-because-we-can price of $12.95 for said icky fush and chups.  The chips weren’t so crash hot either.  We’ll know for next time – bring our own lunch.  Maybe stop in at Subway before arriving and bring that in.

Anyway, why ramble on about Hannah’s fun at Sea World when I can show you a video instead:

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