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Essential kitchen equipment

31 Jan

I got a food processor for Christmas.  Oh how I love my food processor.  It is fantastic at pureeing all the random things I put in cookies for Hannah – dates, chickpeas, etc.  I can mince my own meat, and even make my own peanut butter (because despite what you may think, store bought peanut butter is usually not just made from peanuts.  Seriously, check the label).

I do love all things kitchen (minus the washing up), so I found today’s guest post rather interesting:

Modern kitchens can, and do, tend to come with a host of gadgets and mod-cons built in. But for those starting out in a property that comes without a walk-in fridge, built-in garbage disposal or wall-mounted electronic tin opener, buying a few essentials isn’t really something you can opt out of. If you are restricted by space and/or budget it can be hard to know where you need to start and end your kitchen essentials shopping list, here are a few pointers:
Cutlery is something that can be amassed over time and if you have no qualms setting out a mismatched collection at a dinner party, it’s something you can start small. That said, having a good set of kitchen knives is a complete essential if you plan to cook from scratch. You really do need different knives for different tasks if you want to effectively avoid injury and get the most out of the equipment you do have.
A good set of non-stick pans may cost you more initially but the time you’ll save is invaluable, not to mention the lower spend required on oil, washing up liquid and scrubbing pads in the course of their lifetime.
Like cutlery, it’s not essential that all of your crockery matches as long as you have a core matching set for regular use. It can also be bought very cheaply second hand if you watch out for chips, which harbour germs and cause items to break more easily.

Although food processors are the ultimate kitchen appliance, they are expensive items. Make an initial investment in a hand blender and whisk and start a savings fund for this much lusted after kitchen item.
A baking tray is an incredibly versatile bit of kitchen kit, which can be used for everything from roasting vegetables to making traybakes. Although kitchen scales are slightly less essential than, say, kitchen knives, nonetheless having a good one can make your cooking and baking experience much easier and more enjoyable.
Chopping boards are another kitchen saviour, they protect your work surfaces and if you buy attractive boards they can even double up as serving apparatus.

I'm so glad I finally have a food processor.

I’m so glad I finally have a food processor.

A good quality casserole dish with lid should serve you well. One pots make great – and economical – family meals for those who are short of equipment. Depending on its size it can also be used for roasting meats.
A grater is also a useful multipurpose tool, which can reduce time spent chopping as well as help you tackle that food basic – cheese.

A rolling pin is a good multi-functional tool, but it’s also something you can go without in the early stages as other implements can perform its primary task just as well.

Finally, remember the microwave is far from a kitchen essential and it’s possible to not only make brilliant food without it, but to feel all the better for not having one in your life!
This guess post is published in association with www.lakeland.co.uk, the home of creative kitchenware.

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