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Toddlers don’t need chocolate for Easter

24 Apr

I’m sure most of you know that we don’t give Hannah junk food.  If we did, I’m very sure that is all she would ever eat and wouldn’t get any sort of nutrition into her what so ever.  It’s hard enough to get her to eat as it is!

Anyway, yesterday the older Greek gentleman who lives next door and adores Hannah came over with an Easter present for her.  As soon as she saw the little Easter print gift bag, her big blue eyes lit up.  She knew it was for her.  And she wanted it.  I casually looked inside to see what I was getting myself in to and thanked the neighbour.

I figured she could play with the contents of the bag for the afternoon, and then I could hide it when she went to sleep.  I didn’t want her to eat that much chocolate!  Or any for that matter.

She opened the bag and pulled out the gold wrapped delicious Lindt bunny.  “Bunny!”  She said excitedly.  Yes…my plan was working…

Chocolate bunny!”  She exclaimed.  My smile faded.  Oh crap.  I’m sorry, but how does my child, who has never even seen a chocolate bunny in her entire life, know that it was a chocolate bunny?  And not even by playing with it until it opened a little, showing her the chocolate,  but by merely seeing a little bit of it’s head emerging from the bag?  Did I miss something?  Seriously, how does she know that?  Do all children have chocolate radar no matter what?

There was no way I was going to let her eat said bunny, so I had to take it away.  Since she knew what it was, and she knew that it was hers, I planned to give her a tiny bit after dinner.

“Sorry sweetie, you can’t have this now, but I’ll give you a little bit after dinner.”  At the time, of course, I thought she was over her tummy bug, but that’s a whole different story.

“Rabbit goes in the bag!”  She said over and over, getting increasingly frustrated to the point of crying.  I hid the rabbit.  She saw me.  She didn’t forget about it the whole night.  She wanted the rabbit in the bag.  She wanted to eat the rabbit.  She wanted to unwrap it, play with it, eat it some more.  I stuck to my guns, and she didn’t get that annoying little rabbit.

Of course we appreciate the the thought of the gift, etc, but FYI people, you should ask before gifting/giving someone else’s small child junk food.

She's so clever, we didn't even tell her that they go in the bucket

I don’t mean that they shouldn’t get to join in the Easter festivities, you just have to think outside the box a little.  For example, I went to the cheap shop (dollar store) and bought some plastic eggs, some little things of bubbles, hair clips, and a few other trinkets to put in the eggs.  This morning, we hid them around the front yard, and Hannah had a blast hunting for them and then opening all the eggs to see what was inside.  And you know what?  All the plastic eggs and fun things to go inside only cost me $13, that’s less than most people spend on the chocolates.

She couldn’t eat any chocolate at the moment anyway because she has gastro, but that is not the point….

Disclaimer: I don’t care if other people give their kids junk food, each to their own, this is just what we are going with Hannah.


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