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27 Apr

Hannah knows all of her body parts by name.  Head, hands, feet, tongue, teeth, arms, legs, bottom (although she likes to be defiant and proclaim “BUM!” or “BUTT!” when I say bottom), eyes, vagina, etc.  What?  That’s right, she knows vagina too, except she can’t quite say va-gina, so she just says ‘gina.  My friend works for Docs (equivalent of CPS) and she told our mommy group that it’s important for the little ones to know the correct term for their bits.  Not for any good reason, unfortunately, but because 1 out of 3 children are molested and if they know the names of their bits, no one can say “oh, maybe they don’t mean vagina at all, maybe they were touched on the arm.”  Can’t say that if they know what a vagina is and call it by name!  My friend told us a conviction is more likely if the child knows proper terms.  No room for misinterpretation.  Of course if anyone ever touches my child, they will have to contend with me chopping off their testicles with a butter knife.

“‘Gina’s house!”  Hannah exclaimed the other day.  Um…whatever you say Hannah….

“‘Gina talking!”  I was starting to get a little concerned.

“‘Mickey come see ‘gina!”  Excuse me?  I was beginning to think my child had an unhealthy obsession with her vagina.

“‘Gina visit mommy!”  Um…thoroughly creeped out now.

“‘Gina feeding the chickens!”  I somehow don’t think they are that talented.

“‘Gina cookie!”  hmmm….

And then it hit me.  Hannah has been sick for the last week, so we’ve been watching the same 3 episodes of Micky Mouse Clubhouse over and over again (sigh).

Giant?”  I asked her, hope in my eyes.

Willie The giant from Mickey Mouse (p.s. don't google willie the giant photos...)

She looked at me like I was going mad, I mean, duh, she’d only been talking about the giant for days on end.  “Yeah!  ‘Gina!”  She agreed excitedly.

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