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Disney On Ice

11 Jul

In every direction, the view was the same – little girls dresses as princesses.  Never before have I seen so many princess dresses.  Or little girls for that matter.  Next to me, Hannah blended right in with her Cinderella,  Ariel, and Snow White (at least I think it’s Snow White) dress that she got for her birthday from Grandma less than a week ago.

Not only was she wearing a princess dress, but she also brought her Ariel doll.

Not only was she wearing a princess dress, but she also brought her Ariel doll.

Welcome to Disney on Ice, the show pretty much every single little girl in the Western world wants to attend. After we got some ice cream, in place of the expensive snow cones or popcorn in Disney character cups or buckets, we found our seats.

waiting for the show to start

waiting for the show to start

We got there early because I didn’t know how long it would take to pick up our tickets, wait in line for the bathroom, and find our seats.  Turns out it didn’t take that long.  Not to mention my lack of navigating skills.  Despite having a GPS thing in the car, I tend to get lost anyway, so I had to leave time for potential lost-ness too.

“Is it starting yet?” Hannah would ask me every 30 seconds.  Or “Are the princesses coming out yet?”

Next time I’ll have to bring snacks to occupy her whilst we wait.  I assumed outside food wouldn’t be allowed, but it was, as were water bottles, cameras, and even video cameras, all of which are great when going somewhere with kids that requires lots of sitting and being relatively quiet.

Hannah sat on my lap for the entire two hours, enjoying almost every minute of the show.  She did have her own seat, but a tall guy was sitting in front of her, so my lap provided a much better vantage point.  By the last 20 minutes she was asking when it would be finished, but to hold her undivided, not bored, completely enjoying it attention for an hour and 40 minutes is flabbergasting.  I don’t think I’ve seen her sit still that long ever.  Except when she’s strapped in a car seat or on a plane, but I’m talking about voluntarily.  I’m not even sure if she was asking because she was getting bored, or because she was just really excited about the after party.

Watching the princesses dance around on the ice, Hannah’s face lit up.  Her grin spanned from ear to ear.  I brought my digital SLR camera along to get some photos, but I was enjoying the show too much to actually take many.

Whilst the kids are engrossed in the story, dancing and sparkly costumes, the adults can appreciate the complicated spins, jumps, and lifts the cast do all whilst lip syncing their lines and songs.  Ok, fine, I really liked the sparkly costumes too.  There was even a big fire breathing dragon costume occupied by 3 or 4 people.

The whole show was spectacular.  The choreography was amazing, the costumes were fantastic, and the props were awesome too. It all went together perfectly and the 2 hours flew by.

disney on ice princesses and heros

The end of the show

Lucky for us we were also invited to attend a VIP party after the show.  Not that I’m a VIP, but I can pretend for an afternoon.  Amongst footballers and their families, and media personalities with theirs, were a handful of bloggers like me.  There were little sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes, and even a candy bar.  Not like the american idea of a candy bar, as in one Twix or something like that, I mean like a bar full of candy.  Lots of giant jars filled with different sugary treats with scoops and boxes to put them in to eat or take home.  A candy buffet.  Yum.

There were princesses painting the kids’ faces and making balloon flowers.  They even played pass the parcel.  Best of all though, they got to meet Snow White.  The actual Snow White who was in the show.  And one of the dwarfs, we can’t forget about the dwarf. Hannah was ecstatic.  She got all shy at the last moment though, so I went with her.

snow white

My shy girl.  Gotta love the hand in the foreground trying to direct Hannah to look at the camera.

We met Annika, from Northern Beaches Kids Guide when she was sitting next to us during the show, and she was kind enough to take our photo with Snow White.

All in all, we had a fabulous time.  Hannah is still raving about it, and I’m sure she will continue to for many weeks to come.  She is even planning to put on her own Disney on Ice show tonight.  Sans ice, of course. I’m supposed to play Ursula.

If you have kids who love Disney princesses, I highly recommend going to Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes.  It’s only on in Sydney until the 14th of July, before showing in Perth 19-22 July, so be quick!  And kids, don’t forget to wear your princess dresses.

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