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No thanks, I’ll just eat my coat

25 Aug

Sometimes it’s very hard to get Hannah to eat her dinner.  I cook up something nice, just for her, put it in front of her, give her a spoon (not that she uses it for eating, but she likes to think she can), and hope for the best.  She gives me a cheeky cheeky look, and then feeds the floor.  I’m no expert on floors, but I’m pretty sure they don’t require nutrition to function properly.  A big wave of the arm and the entire meal, bowl and all, lands open side down, all over the floor.  Whinging follows, along with loud screams of “DONE!”  I don’t know how she’s done when she didn’t eat anything, but whatever.

She won’t eat her food, but I often find her pulling pieces of fuzz (pils?) off her clothes, blankets, toys, whatever really, and then eating them.  Not just chewing, having a little taste and spitting them out.  No, she will sit there and pull them off, put them in her mouth, chew, swallow, and then go back for more.  I don’t know why a fuzz ball tastes better than her dinner, but to her, it certainly seems to.


Mommy tries.  She really does.  Mommy makes me all sorts of different things for lunch and dinner (I like my cereal for breakfast, especially now that she gives me big person cereal with yummy raisins in it).  Sometimes I’m just not hungry, you know?  I get lots of snacks too.  Mommy always gives me raisins, rusks, yogurt, baby breakfast bars, cheese.  I really like those things, so I’m not really hungry later.  It’s really fun to throw things on the floor though.  I like to wind Mommy up.  Plus, it’s fun to see which way the bowl lands and if the food splats.  Sometimes I wonder if I can get pieces of food all the way into my playroom!

When Mommy puts my fuzzy coat on, I can’t help but wonder what it tastes like.  What does pink taste like?  It doesn’t taste like much, but I like the way the fuzzy feels on my gums.  It’s already in my mouth, so I might as well swallow it.  Pulling fuzzies off my coat is something to do really.  I usually only do it when I’m in my car seat or pram.  It amuses me.  But then I eat too many fuzzies and I’m not hungry for my dinner.  Humph.  I guess I’ll have to eat more for breakfast.

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