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How to chose the right stoller for your child

6 Mar

I remember the first time I went stroller/pram shopping.  I had an idea knew the exact pram I wanted, but when I entered the giant baby superstore, a plethora of choices distracted me.  I had no idea what made this one better than that one, or the other one more suitable for me and my kids.  After trying it out, I didn’t like the one I went there for at all.  It would have been very helpful to read a guide before hand.  I had bought a double pram off ebay, but when I went to pick it up, it wouldn’t fit in the boot/trunk of our car, and I ended up having to remove some of the wheels.  Needless to say, that pram was not going to work for us.  So, for your help, here is a post that the team at Dorel have provided:

How to choose the right stroller for your child

Strollers are a major convenience for parents because they make taking your child outdoors a lot easier! However, most parents find it overwhelming to choose the right stroller for their child, as there are so many choices on the market today. Here are some of the important factors you can take into consideration to help you whittle down your list:

1. Safety features

According to Product Safety Australia, 200 children under the age of five are injured every year in incidents that involve strollers. To minimise the risk, mandatory safety requirements for strollers were implemented in July 2008; and cover the design and construction, safety warnings and informative labels of the product.

To ensure the safety of your child, always check if the stroller has an Australian standards label. It also should have a five-point adjustable harness for the crotch, legs, shoulders and waist. The wheels should be durable and easy to steer. It should also have a tether strap for your wrist to prevent the stroller from rolling away as well as a parking brake to limit the movement of the stroller. Safety 1st’s Shuttle Stroller has a centralised brake control on the rear wheels for extra protection. It also has a fully reversible seat (forward or rear-facing) with three reclining positions to ensure your child’s comfort. This product from Dorel was awarded by the Child Restraint Evaluation Program with a 5-star protection rating in 2011.


2. Age of the child

Your stroller needs are going to vary, depending on the age of your child. For instance, when your baby is less than six months old, your main concern is stability so choose a stroller that will keep the baby stable and comfortable. When your baby is six to 12 months, you should get a stroller with plenty of cushioning on the seat with five-point harnesses. A reversible seat would be very convenient for this age as well. For children who are around 18-24 months, a lightweight stroller that can be easily folded is recommended, since your child will most likely to hop on and off the stroller.

3. Purpose

Knowing what you will mainly be using the stroller for will help you decide what type of stroller you should purchase. If you are an outdoorsy type and you want to take your child out for a run, you should get an all-terrain stroller. They are designed for all types of terrain with a sturdier and more solid in built and handling. Some of the models have adjusting and locking wheels options that make it easier to go over different terrains. If you are a mum who is always on the go, you should get an umbrella stroller. This type of stroller is portable, lightweight and can be easily stashed in your car’s trunk.

Always remember that purchasing a stroller for your child is not an easy task. Ensure you read up on the stroller model you wish to buy and check the manufacturer’s safety record. Make sure that you also do an in-store test to ensure that the stroller you are purchase is the right one for your child.

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