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Mommy tells lies

30 May

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I’m so excited.  Mommy has been telling me all week that we’re going with Aunty Jess to IKEA to get a brand new big-girl bed!  My friend in the U.S. has a big girl bed, and she can get in and out of her bed whenever she wants.  No big high bars to stop her from climbing out.

Mommy told me I was supposed to sleep on the way, but I was way too excited!  How could I sleep!  Sorry Mommy, no sleeping here.  “Go to IKEA, Hannah get a big girl bed!”  I told her instead.

When we finally got there, Mommy and Aunty Jess took ages to finally get to the children’s section.  There was fun stuff EVERYWHERE!  I saw a big chalkboard, a play kitchen, lots of play dishes, wooden toys, stuffed toys, tables and chairs.  I really liked the play kitchen.  It had a sink, an oven, a microwave, a cupboard, and even burners!  I could do a lot of cooking with that!

Mommy showed me the beds.  She really liked the one with the sheep on it, but I didn’t like that one.  After climbing all over the beds, and bouncing a little, I decided that  I liked the pretty girly day bed one best.

“She has good taste.” Aunty Jess told Mommy.  Turns out Mommy liked the sheep one better because it was cheaper.  She said we were going to get the sheep one anyway.  Humph.  Why do you ask me which one I like if you’re not going to get me the one I want?

After much more shopping, and getting through the IKEA maze, and me getting cranky because I was so tired, we got to this funny place with really big high shelves full of boxes.  Mommy went to the bed section to get my new bed.

“They’re all out.” Mommy told me.  “I guess we’ll have to get the one you liked best sweetie.”


Aunty Jess lifted the boxes onto the really big trolley.  Mommy says she can’t lift things right now.  Mommy used to lift things, so I’m not sure why she can’t anymore.  Maybe Baby Brother doesn’t like it.  “That’s what I’m here for.”  Aunty Jess said.

“Daddy put together Hannah’s new bed!”  I asked when I got home.  Daddy was telling Mommy that he didn’t think there would be time to put it together, but I know how to get Daddy to do what I want, so he went to get his tool box as soon as I asked.  I love Daddy!

I got to help Daddy put it together with all of his different screwdrivers and wrenches.  Daddy calls them spanners, but Mommy calls them wrenches.  I don’t know what to call them.  Maybe I’ll just point and say “that” when I want to use one.

My new bed is so pretty!

Putting things in my new bed

I didn’t want to sleep without all of my toys, so I started putting them in the bed.

“No sweetie, it’s not finished yet.  We have to put the mattress on still.”  Mommy told me.

“I’m not sure how this is going to work.”  I heard Mommy tell Daddy.  Uh-Oh, that didn’t sound good.

Daddy put the mattress on, but it fell off on both ends.  How could I sleep on that?  I’d lay down and end up falling head first under the mattress!  Daddy turned the page in his how to make it book.  His face looked funny.

“Is there anything left in the box?”  he asked Mommy “there are supposed to be slats.”

Mommy looked through all the boxes, but she couldn’t find anything.  I kept putting my toys in the bed.  I didn’t want to be without them my first night in my new big girl bed!

“I’ll look it up.”  Mommy said.

“Oh.  I was supposed to get the slats separately.  They are included in the price, but the website says I’m supposed to get them separately.”

“I’m sorry sweetie, you can’t sleep in your big girl bed tonight, Mommy forgot to get some of the parts.”

Don’t be silly Mommy.  I kept putting toys in.

“Sweetie, you can’t sleep there tonight, I’m really sorry, but I forgot to get some of the pieces.”

“Hannah’s bed.”  I said.  I was really sad.  Mommy told me I’d be sleeping in my new bed, but now I wasn’t allowed to.  Daddy put

moving my toys from my new bed to my portable cot

up my portable cot.  Mommy told me I’d have to sleep there and then we’d go to IKEA again tomorrow to get the missing pieces.  Fine.  I put all the toys from my new bed into the portable cot.

This morning, we went back to IKEA.  I was really excited, but it took us so long to get there!  Mommy said people forget how to drive when it rains.  Lots of cars were in the ditch and all the other cars were barely moving.  I’m glad Grandma was in the back with me to keep me entertained.

Mommy took me to Target to get some new sheets for my bed.  I really wanted Minnie and Mickey Mouse sheets, but they didn’t have any.  Mommy showed me some other sheets and I picked the pink polka dot ones.  I didn’t really like them any better than the others, I just like to say polka dots!  Polka dots!  Then we saw some Minnie Mouse sheets in another shop, but Mommy said they cost too much and I couldn’t get them.

“Who would pay $95 for a set of children’s sheets?!”  She said to Grandma.  I don’t know how much 95 dollars is, but it sounds like a lot.

When we got home, Mommy put the slats on the bed and I helped her put my new sheets on.  I put all of my favourite toys and

putting my toys in my bed

blankets on the bed too!  Mommy wanted me to sit in the bed while she read me a story, but that’s no fun!  I can get in and out of the bed all by myself!  As if I was going to just sit there in bed when I could be getting in and out and playing!  Silly Mommy….

Ready for my nap!

Mommy laid me down, tucked me in, turned on my sleepy music and then shut the door.  Ha!  I wasn’t going to stay in bed!  I played for my whole nap!  I pulled all the clothes out of my closet, got all the dirty clothes out of the hamper, took my sleepy suit and pajamas off, and played dress ups!  I even got to play with the baby monitor!  I can turn the music off and on whenever I want!

Nope, I didn’t sleep at all.  But then I started getting cold.  And I pooped.

“Mommy cuddles!!!”  I yelled.  Mommy ignored me.  Usually when I start getting cranky, it means I’m going to sleep.  But I wasn’t.  I was standing up at the door waiting for mommy to come in and dress me and change my nappy.  I had to take it to the next level.  I screamed and cried and screamed some more until Mommy came in. Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of time to sleep in my big girl bed tonight.  I love my new bed!

I made a mess in my room and took my clothes off. I didn't sleep...


Mommy read me a story while I laid in bed.  As soon as she left, I fell asleep in my brand new big girl bed!  But in the middle of the night I started coughing.  I’ve had this cold that everyone has for a while, and sometimes the coughing wakes me up.  Usually when I wake up I’m in my cot.  I was a bit scared, I was all by myself in a big bed. The coughing was starting to gag me.  I yelled for Mommy and she came.  She picked me up and cuddled me and told me it would be ok.

Then YaYa came in and the dogs ran all around my room.  Oh, play time!  “Hannah go outside!”  I said to Mommy.  Mommy told YaYa to go away and yelled at the dogs to get out of my room.  I was wide awake now.  Humph, I thought I’d get to get up and play.  Mommy held me while I finished all my coughing and then laid in bed with me until I fell asleep.

But then I woke up coughing a while later and I was all alone in my bed again.  I called out to Mommy and she came and got into bed with me.  Mommy stayed with me for a long time, and I went back to sleep.  I woke up coughing a few more times after that, but I wasn’t scared anymore.  If Mommy isn’t scared of my new bed, then I shouldn’t be either.

I just hope Mommy isn’t too tired today.  She gets grumpy when she’s tired.


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