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17 May

We’re back!!!  The cruise was fun, but it will take me a while to go through all the photos and pick out all the ones I want to post with our cruising story.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted two images to Canon’s Shine competition.  This isn’t a normal photo competition with cash or stuff prizes.  This competition is about subject matter: shining a light on what is important.  The winner gets a national advertising campaign about their image and why it’s important, a display in the NSW state library, and best of all, a documentary about the image and the issue.

My images are about sustainable agriculture.  And by sustainable, I’m not talking about GM and seed company giants.  If we want our future generations to have plenty of healthy, natural food to eat, we need to do something now.

Please click here to be directed to my images (the first one will show up and if you click the white arrow in the right hand side of the page, it will take you to my second image).  The first one is of Hannah holding a giant zucchini.  She’s so cute.  You can only vote once per image, but you do need to sign up to Canon’s website to do so.  Just don’t tick the newsletter box and they won’t spam your inbox.  You don’t have to live in Aus to vote.  So please, PLEASE vote.  Voting numbers are low for all images, so even one vote makes a huge difference. This isn’t about winning, it’s about the future of our children and grandchildren.


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