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Younique 3D mascara

17 Jul

I’ve always loved going to formals and balls.  It’s so nice getting all dressed up, having my makeup done (because I’m terrible at doing eyeshadow myself), and getting fake eyelashes to make my eyes pop.  As a whole, going to a ball pretty much makes me feel like a princess for the night.

I bought fake eyelashes for my cousin Jennifer’s wedding last year, but every time I tried to put them in, I failed.  Eventually one of her other bridesmaids put them on for me.

I really like how my eyes stand out when accentuated by exaggerated eyelashes.  What if you could get the same effect, without the hassle (or in my case, down right impossibility) of false eyelashes?  According to the new Younique 3D mascara, you can.

Image from the Younique website

Image from the Younique website

Needless to say, I was intrigued and excited to try it out.  They are taking off in the U.S., but have only just landed in Australia.  I was one of the lucky first people to get my hands on some.  And by get my hands on, I mean an independent consultant sent me some.

Without mascara, with normal mascara, and the bottom photo is with Younique 3D fibre lashes.

Without mascara, with normal mascara, and the bottom photo is with Younique 3D fibre lashes.

What exactly is 3D mascara (it’s actually called 3D fiber lashes, but everyone seems to call it 3D mascara, or just mascara.  It’s so much easier.)?  It’s a two part system.  First, you put on some “transplanting gel,” which pretty much looks like mascara but is quite sticky.  Then you use another mascara like wand  from a tube full of 100% green tea fibres to apply tiny little fibres onto your sticky lashes.  The fibre plumps up and extends your lashes making them look pretty awesome.

I really like the way it looks, but only on the top lashes.  I think it’s a bit too much and stands out as un-natural looking if also done on the bottom.   But maybe that’s just me.  It looks kind of like your eyelashes are turning into trees by sprouting branches when you first apply the fibres, but if you use one of those eyebrow/lash comb things (the ones with what looks like a tiny comb on one side, and a tiny brush directly opposite the comb) to make all the fibres go in the right direction, it looks normal. Only longer and fuller.  If you don’t comb them and tame them, you will also find a little pile of stray fibres on your cheeks a while later.  The crucial combing/taming step eliminates that as well.

Personally, I only use the Younique 3D fibre lashes on special occasions, not because it’s hard to do (it’s not), or anything like that, but because I usually wear glasses and the rims of my glasses pretty much hide my eyelashes. When my eyes come out from behind my glasses, my lashes get 3D’d, which is only on special occasions because as a stay at home mom, I can’t be bothered with contacts most of the time.

I used Younique 3D lashes when we had family portraits done (by Michael Seager)

I used Younique 3D lashes when we had family portraits done a few weeks ago (by Michael Seager)

Click here to peruse and or buy Younique 3D fibre lashes, or any of their other products, such as mineral make up and BB cream.

*I was given Younique 3D fibre lashes free for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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