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Ultrasound to shot in the nuts: the world of Telestrations

13 Jun

Last night, Aaron, Hannah and I went to dine and celebrate a birthday with some friends.  Last time Telestrations was brought out, I was attempting to sleep, and everyone else was totally drunk and loud.  Result: Me yelling at them to shut up.  So this time, we pulled out Telestrations before I went to bed.

What is Telestrations you ask?  It’s kind of like telephone/chinese whispers, combined with pictionary.  The first person starts with a word, the next person draws it, the next person looks at the drawing (but not the word) and has to write what it is, the next person draws, and so forth.  Write, draw, write draw.  There is some system of points or something, but we never play with points, we play for hilarity’s sake.

Last time I played the game, someone started with Yoga, which somehow went to arsehole, via aboriginal.  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of that, but we were all laughing so much it’s surprising no one wet themselves.

Here’s a peak at last nights game (sorry about the poor quality of the photos, but all I had was a little pocket digital camera in my bag, and I had to take the photos really really quickly in between rounds so everyone didn’t have to wait on me to keep playing).

It started innocent enough:

Starting word: Microscope. Seems innocent enough....

I think this is where it started going a bit awry:



And this is where things really started getting interesting (this was my drawing by the way…):

I bet if we were playing with a different crowd, it wouldn’t have come to this:


That is one giant birdy!:



And finally, microscope turned into this:

And then we had this round:


Clearly the person who drew this one has never actually had an ultrasound, but good effort none the less:

I’m not sure who actually gets a tattoo in the middle of their stomach:

I’m sorry to say, this was my drawing.  I tried to draw someone getting a tattoo in the arm first, but it didn’t turn out at all, so I erased it and started again.  Each round of this game is timed by one of those sand turn-it-upside-down type timers that last about 30 seconds to 1 minute, so it didn’t pan out too well:

And then things started to go pear-shaped:


And that is how Ultrasound turned into Shot in the Nuts:

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36 weeks

8 Jun

Pregnancy: 36 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 15.5kgs (34.17lbs)
Baby size (head to toe): 47cm (18.5in)
Baby weight (approx): 2.6kg (5.7lbs)

It seems I’m getting bigger and more awkward by the day. My involuntary grunting noises when getting up are getting louder, my feet swell more, I get more reflux, I have to pee more often, my internal organs are getting more squished, and feet in my ribs are becoming more frequent. But, it’s all part of the experience, and I know that soon we will have a little bundle of joy. I am to the point where I just want to get it out of me though. I think you know you’re ready when the “get it out of me” feeling becomes stronger then the fear of labour itself. I’m certainly getting to that point, and fast.

Last week was my first week off work. I feel so much less tired now that I don’t have to wake up at 5:15 every morning. Now the alarm goes off at 6:30 (for Aaron), but I don’t get up until 7 which is awesome!

The other night Aaron showed me a website called broken telephone picture (http://www.brokenpicturetelephone.com/). It’s like telephone (chinese whispers for the aussies), but the first person writes something down (can be anything, like half human, half bear, half pig (I know that doesn’t equate, but it’s funny), eating a pie), then the next person has to draw it. The person after that gets the drawing and has to write it, then the next person draws it and so on. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much since the hypnotist show in Vegas. I was laughing so hard, I was honestly scared that I might A) wet myself or B) prematurely break my waters. Luckily neither happened, but if it had, I would have been unsure if I had wet myself, or my waters had broken. I can just see that, going to hospital saying my waters broke, docs have a look, give me a puzzled expression, then tell me I must have wet myself because my waters are indeed intact. Note to self: do more pelvic floor exercises, just in case….

Speaking of that region, my shiny new epi-no came in the mail last week. What is an epi-no exactly, you ask? The epi-no is a contraption made of some sort of squishy, maybe soft plastic material that is attached to a little hand pump ball. You put the blue squishy oval thing in your nether region, then pump the ball so that the blue squishy thing expands, therefore stretching your perineum. It is supposed to make you less likely to tear or need an episiotomy during childbirth. As I’ve said before, anything to lower that risk, I’m going to try. You can also use it to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles before and after birth (so you don’t wet yourself…).

My second baby shower (put on by my church) was on Saturday, and I had a lot of fun. There was a game where everyone had to bring a baby picture of themselves, then we had to guess which one was who. I only got 2 correct. Newborns don’t look anything like what the older person will look like! I know I certainly didn’t (I’ll put a photo of myself on here just to prove my point…). There was so much food there! Cupcakes, cake, some sort of chocolate slice, peanut butter cookies, muffins, quiche (which was really really yummy!), it was all so tasty!!!!!!!! I got lots more good baby stuff too, which means we don’t have to buy too much stuff.

Yesterday we went to the supermarket and fruit shop to get some groceries. I have been craving pudding for a week now (yes I’m strange, but we all know this), so we wandered around Coles looking for the pudding aisle, and couldn’t find it anywhere! How dare Coles hide the pudding from me. They should have a giant flashing sign with arrows that points me in the right direction. Or at the very least put pudding (or even jello/jelly, since they’d be on the same aisle) on the sign that tells you what is in each aisle. I still don’t have my pudding. I’m going to try a different coles on Wednesday.

We decided to go to Kmart while we were at the chase (the shopping centre where we went to coles and the fruit shop) to get a cute little dresser for Mushi that we had seen there a while back. The Chase is doing lots of renovating and remodelling, and adding of sections, and even though Kmart is staying exactly where it has been for years, Kmart is remodelling. Every time we go there, things are in a different spot. We wandered around the store for quite some time looking for said cute dresser with no luck. We finally asked someone who worked there (when we could find one that wasn’t already trying to show someone else where to find something) who pointed us towards one end of the store. No dresser there. We asked someone else. They pointed us in a different direction. On our way over, we saw someone else and asked again (we had already been where we are going and didn’t see any furniture). Person number 3 pointed us in an entirely different direction. We decided to follow 3rd person’s directions via 2nd persons, just in case. Good decision, we found the dresser hiding on the back wall with a couple of other dressers just where person 2 told us they would be. They used to keep all of the furniture together, but it seems now everything is everywhere. At least we got the dresser. Now we actually have somewhere to put Mushi’s clothes. Bonus, the dresser has a giraffe on it, is very cute, and was only $50.

I haven’t said anything about the “baby brain” for a while now, but I’ve certainly still got it. We went to church on Sunday after eating dinner (we go to the evening service) only to discover when we got home that I had left the oven on the entire time. I’m glad I didn’t burn the house down!

As of next week, I will be considered full term, so not long now!!!!!!!!!!!

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