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26 Jul

Some days, with increasing frequency, Daniel doesn’t nap.  He just sits in his cot, playing and giggling for a couple hours.   Who am I kidding, I’m sure he’s not sitting, but more like jumping up and down, attempting to pull the curtains off the wall, tearing a book into tiny little pieces and then throwing them as far as he can, and/or shoving his hands down his pants and painting with poop on his cot rail.  I’m just lucky that he happily stays in there during nap time without actually napping.

“A booger.” I heard Daniel say to himself from inside his cot.  I was doing the dishes in the kitchen.  I stood still, listening.

“Picking my nose.”  Maybe he was talking to his toys.  I’m not really sure. “A booger!  Mommy, a booger, a booger!”  He clearly wanted me to go in his room and wipe the booger from his finger.

When he’s not in his cot supposedly napping, he walks up to me, holds his hand out and says “Mommy,” with an I-have-something-nice-to-give-you, sweet puppy dog-ish look on his face.  I hold out my hand so he can deposit something lovely in it.  Maybe he wants to share his snack with me? Or perhaps he’s picked me a flower.  He immediately wipes a booger on my hand whilst gleefully announcing “A booger!”

I did not go in his room to collect a booger from him though, I just ignored him and continued washing the dishes.  Going in means he will want to come back out with me, ruining any chance of sleep. After a short time, the calls of “booger” stopped.

I’m sure when his nap is over, I’ll find crusty, dried up boogers wiped all over his sheets or cot rail.  Oh well, better than poop.

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