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I don’t need you

18 Jun

“Mommy, can I make my own lunch today?” Hannah asked me.

“It depends on what you make.”

“Can you open the fridge for me Mommy?”

I opened the fridge. She did her little nanny goat/whole face smile/shuddering thing she does when excited.

“Hmmm….I’ll have…a little cucumber…some yogurt…some jam…a banana…” She rifled through the fridge, gathering her supplies.

She shoved one of her plastic play knives in the jam and spread it on a piece of bread.

She put the banana and cucumber on her plate and spooned some yogurt into a little take and toss bowl.

I carried it to the table for her.

“Wow, you’re such a big girl! You made your lunch all by yourself!”

“I don’t need you anymore Mommy.”


And then she dumped all the yogurt on the bread, squished the banana on top, took a bite of the cucumber and told me she was all finished. Double sigh.

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