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Adelaide without kids

14 Mar

I turned 31 last week.  Thirty one.  Turning 30 is a huge deal, it’s kind of a milestone of sorts.  But 31?  That just makes me feel old.  I became friends with The Jess’ (my sister in law) friend Romana 5 years ago when we were both pregnant at the same time.  Hannah and her daughter Violet are now best friends, and we’re good friends too.  For her birthday, she decided to visit The Jess in Adelaide.  Without Violet.  She asked if I wanted to go too.  A girls weekend away, seeing The Jess, and a break from the kids…how could I say no?  Plus my birthday is a day after hers (although she is 3 years younger than me), so we made it a birthday weekend away, all by ourselves. Yep, I left the kids at home for another round of Daddy daycare.

Our plane

Our plane


Originally, we planned to don cute dresses and go out dancing.  Not that I’m good at dancing, I don’t have a rhythmic bone in my body, but I still love doing it, and don’t get to very often.  Dancing and morning all day sickness don’t really go together very well though, so we gave the dancing a miss.  No, I’m not the pregnant one, that would be The Jess.  She and Jim are expecting their very first baby in October.  Or maybe babies.  Twins do run in the family….

Instead, we giggled way too much playing Cards Against Humanity whilst downing copious amounts of chocolate.  Romana and I also giggled like school girls at a sleep over when we went to bed.  Air travel gives me gas, gas is funny, and I had lots of it all night.  Hence the giggles.  I’m not sure why I just shared that with you, but I am sure that many of you are secretly laughing and/or sympathising, so why not?

The next day we went to the beach, but not to swim because we both forgot our swimsuits.  Plus the water felt like it was about 0 degrees, and who wants to swim in freezing cold water?  Excuse my photos, they were all taken on my phone (so they are not exactly of high quality).

The Jess' "oh-my-gosh-this-water-is-freezing" face as she puts her feet in the water

The Jess’ “oh-my-gosh-this-water-is-freezing” face as she puts her feet in the water

Pregnant women need rest, so we watched Bridesmaids at Jess’ house after having lunch and decadent dessert at a chocolate cafe.

My bailey's mousse and ganache deliciousness

My bailey’s mousse and ganache deliciousness

The Jess eating her dessert

The Jess eating her dessert

The Jess and Romana at the chocolate cafe

The Jess and Romana at the chocolate cafe

It just so happened that the Fringe Festival was on whilst we were there, so in the afternoon, we headed into the city to have a look.

Jess decided to join the circus

Jess decided to join the circus

Me and The Jess.  We couldn't help ourselves.  I'm still not sure why Hoe was randomly written on a wall

Me and The Jess. We couldn’t help ourselves. I’m still not sure why Hoe was randomly written on a wall. I don’t normally wear leopard print, but Jess and Romana wanted me to, so I did.  It’s Jess’ dress.

I’ve seen freak shows in movies before, but I didn’t know they actually existed.  Guess what? They do.

Lizard man.  He shot an arrow and another guy caught it blindfolded.  As you do.

Lizard man. He shot an arrow and another guy caught it blindfolded. As you do.

Rubber man.  He makes like Gumby and gets his whole body through some tennis racquets.

Rubber man. He makes like Gumby and gets his whole body through some tennis racquets.

This guy has like 26 world records for swallowing things.  That balloon he's holding? Swallowed the entire thing, followed by a sword which popped it, followed by a giant pair of tongs which retrieved the popped balloon.  Gross yet fascinating.

This guy has like 26 world records for swallowing things. That balloon he’s holding? Swallowed the entire thing, followed by a sword which popped it, followed by a giant pair of tongs which retrieved the popped balloon. Gross yet fascinating.

The next day, we went home.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but you know, a family, and uni stuff awaited me back home, so it was just 2 nights and 1.5 days and then a flight back home.

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It’s hard being a lefty

4 Feb

Right before the citizenship ceremony. Too bad I couldn’t find a pink Aussie shirt over a size 10. A KIDS size 10.

Guess What? I’m an Aussie now. A full-blown, official, can-get-a-passport, Australian. At nearly 29 years old, I can vote for the first time in my life.  On the 26th of January, Australia Day, I got my citizenship.  The Mayor of the town I live in (which will remain anonymous, for our privacy) presented it to me himself.  And then he asked me what happened to my arm. Sigh.

“I broke my wrist.” I told him.

“How did you do that?” He asked me.


“Well, that’s a much better story than falling over.”

I must have looked an interesting site.  Everyone else was all dressed up, looking sleek and well presented.  Then there was me, thongs, too-short singlet, sparkly belt (because sparkles are clearly awesome) and useless arm in a cast.  I was dressed like an Aussie.  Come on people, it was AUSTRALIA Day!

Everyone asks me what happened to my arm.

I get some strange looks from people when I push the pram with my left hand and right elbow, my purple cast sticking up in the air like some sort of demented flag. You’d think I could use my fingers at least. They are mostly free of the cast, and my thumb is half free, but I can’t.  I broke one of the little bones in my wrist just under my thumb, so using any of my digits hurts.  And I’m not supposed to do anything that hurts or it won’t heal.

So as you can imagine, doing pretty much anything is hard.  I can only use my left hand and I’m not even remotely left-handed.  When the mayor gave me my certificate, I awkwardly held out my right hand (my left was occupied holding Hannah’s hand) and he had to stick the paper between my thumb and first finger. That’s pretty much the limit of function my right hand has right now.

It takes me ages to button my pants. At least I can actually put on my own pants, not like when I broke my leg and had a cast from my toes to the top of my thigh.  But that’s another story for another day.

I would love to be wearing my breastfeeding singlets to limit my awkward non-stealthy breast feeding.  But they have a bra clasp at the back and I can’t do it up with one hand. I’m not that swift. Instead, I wear a normal maternity bra (which I can fasten in front of me then turn to the back) under a shirt. When feeding time comes, there is no more putting Danny’s head in the general area and then pulling up the shirt, not showing any boob in the process.  Nope, now I have one useful hand, so it’s pull shirt up, free the boob for all to see, then position baby at boob. Hello indiscretion!

Have you ever tried to put your hair up with one hand? Hard. Impossible actually.  So while my boob is out for all to see and I’m trying to get Daniel in position, he’s grabbing huge clumps of my wild, non-restrained hair, which I can’t pull from his extremely tight baby grasp as I’m holding him with my one good hand and freeing my hair would result in a Daniel floor face plant.

Straight after the citizenship ceremony, we went on holidays to the beach (because it’s summer here…). My new cast  (I had to get a water proof cast.  After 2 days, the other cast had baby food, spit up, and what very well may have been baby poop on it.  I needed something washable…) may be water proof, but it’s not supposed to get sand or salt water in there.  If it did, it could irritate the skin under my cast, get infected, and then fester under there. Ick.

Bag arm. Note: someone else put my hair up for me.

And so I donned the plastic bag secured with packing tape. Stylish. It’s hard to make sure a newly sitting and sometimes forgets to hold himself up baby stays sitting up and keeps the sand out of his hungry little mouth with just one hand. Danny boy managed to eat handful after handful of the stuff.  Even when I laid him down, he sucked the sand off the towel. His nappieswere full of it.

Brown Medical SEAL-TIGHT Original Cast and Bandage Protector, Adult Long Arm

Daniel the sand monster

Changing a nappy with one hand is hard too.  Especially Danny’s.

As soon as those little tabs are unfastened, he thinks it’s kick-like-your-life-depends-on-it time.  Usually I hold  said kicky feet with one hand and remove the nappy with the other.  Can’t do that now. Kicky feet kick up a storm, of course going straight into the poop.  But then they still kick.  Baby poop is runny….You get my drift here people.  It’s not a pretty site.

I’m not allowed to drive with a cast on my arm, so I have to ride the bus everywhere. That’s fine, but when it’s raining I can’t hold an umbrella and push the pram, so I become a little drowned rat or get stranded places.  The kids are fine, they have a rain cover.

Oh well, at least it’s an adventure. 2 weeks down, 4 to go. Sigh.

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The problem with swimming

5 Oct

Hannah: not your average baby

Hannah started swimming lessons last week (I would have posted about this last week, but I forgot to bring the camera, and no one likes a post without photos).  I knew she’d like them, she loves the bath, but I didn’t know that she’d LOVE them.  She had a smile plastered on her cute little pudgy face the entire time.  Some babies cried.  Not Hannah.  She giggled.  The instructor had us put our babies’ heads on our shoulders and walk backwards around the pool, simulating swimming for the little ones.

“Grab their legs and show them how to kick in the water” the instructor told us.  I didn’t have to.  Hannah decided kicking is what she does best, splashing me and anyone in my general vicinity while she was at it.  She struggled to free herself of me so she could swim on her own.  Cheeky monkey, you’re not ready for that yet!

In Washington, everything at the beach is grey.... In case you're wondering, this is me on my pony Snowman when I was about 14

I love swimming.  I always have.  Sure, I didn’t grow up near the beach, but somehow, I still love swimming.  To get to the ocean where I’m from involved a lengthy drive and camping.  Then when you got there, the water was so cold that you’d turn blue after swimming in it for a few minutes.  The sand was grey, the sky was grey, the water looked grey.  That’s Washington (State, NOT D.C.  There is a difference!).  But I didn’t care, I’d go swimming anyway.

I wore board shorts over my swimming suit when I took Hannah for her swimming lesson.  Not because I’m now a mom and have cellulite on my ass (although I have to admit, that is a factor).  Not because I have a very hungry butt that likes to devour my swimming suit at every opportunity (again, also a factor).  Not because they make bikini bottoms so small these days that they only seem to cover your bum-crack and nothing else.  Not because during pregnancy, the only place I got stretch marks was my butt.  Sure, these things were all factors, but I’d still don the bikini bottoms sans board shorts if it weren’t for the one problem I have with swimming:  I always forget to shave/wax/pluck/do something about my unfortunate bikini line.

I don’t want to be the one that’s running around on the beach or at the pool looking like I have a family of  big, black, angry spiders trying to escape from my nether regions.  Not only that, but when I do remember (or can be bothered) to shave first, I get those annoying little red bumps all over.  Which is worse, spiders coming out of your swimmers, or a million (ok, that’s an exaggeration) red bumps?  If I wax first (which takes much more effort and time.  Plus, where would I do it?  We live with Grandma now, so I can’t do it in the lounge room like I used to.  What if Grandma came in?  “Hey Grandma, oh yeah, that is my crotch hanging out, I’m just waxing.”  I could do it in my room, but what would I do whilst waxing?  There’s no working tv in there.  If you have to go through the discomfort (to put it lightly) of waxing, you need something to amuse yourself while you do it), then a couple of days later I get a million (ahem, exaggeration) ingrown hairs.  I suppose then I would look ok for the day of swimming (If I waxed the night before), but ingrowns (as well as the red bumps) are itchy.  I’d look good for a day, then I’d look like I have crabs.  Sometimes you just have to scratch.  Scratching makes it worse.  Then you have a million red lumps and/or ingrown hairs, long red scratch marks extending from your crotch, to halfway down your leg, inflammation, and everyone you are around at the time thinking that you must have crabs.  There’s always tweezing, that causes much less future problems, but it takes so long, and you know what?  I just can’t be bothered (and again, where would I do it?).

Bring on the boardies.  We’ll just pretend they’re to cover the cellulite.  Or the stretch marks.

Sun, sand, and slacklining

10 Sep

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have worn a skirt.

Slacklining looks hard. It's harder than it looks....

Slacklining requires you to step up to the rope with one foot and denim skirts don’t really let you do that (unless maybe you wear one of those “hi, here’s my ass” skirts that are so short that, well, you can pretty much see the bottom of the wearers butt cheeks).  Hitching up said skirt, I lifted my right leg and put my foot on the line.  Slacklining looks hard, but goodness, it’s way harder than it looks!  As soon as you stand up on the one leg, the line starts swaying this way and that while you’re up there trying to make your legs like jelly (jello) just to keep up with the line, all the while making sure your skirt doesn’t travel north past the bottom of your butt cheeks.  Maybe I should have put on my swimming suit before slacklining to avoid the whole lack of movement problem.  After several goes, I managed to take one whole step on the slack line before falling off.  Doesn’t seem like much, but try it, and you’ll be proud of one step too.

Between my turns on the slackline,  I had to amuse Hannah by taking her down to the sand.  Otherwise I found myself chasing after her chasing after a passing dog, kid, random stranger, person on a bike, anything really.  Or she would get dangerously close to the slackline (while someone was on it) trying to grab it.  She hadn’t been to the beach since the Christmas holiday to Byron Bay.  I carried her down to the sand, put her down, and immediately she started feeling it, picking it up, walking in it, tasting it (I don’t think she was impressed).  She even laid down

Well, I managed to get on at least

(on her belly) and made a sand angel.

Hannah gets buried

The Christmas Edition

30 Dec

My hair was slicked back, wet with purple hair dye that was dripping on to my back. I was wearing only my nursing bra and bikini bottoms while cooking pancakes on Christmas morning. I hope none of the neighbors could see me through the windows, it must have looked like a crazy house! Usually when I dye my hair, I wear old ugly t-shirts and put old ugly towels around myself. I was not at home though, and I didn’t have any old ugly shirts, and the only towels were nice hotel bright white ones. I don’t think my Mother in Law would have appreciated her nice towels suddenly turning purple. The Sister in Law wanted to live vicariously through me and suggested I dye my hair. I thought it would be fun to have purple hair (that goes away after 8 washes…) for Christmas, so I thought, why not? We had a good Christmas, lots of good presents, good food (prawns on the BBQ, chicken skewers, pasta salad, fruit salad, gelato, fruit flan), and a nice lazy day.

Hannah loves opening presents. She does, of course, want to eat the wrapping paper. I think she likes the paper better then the actual present inside. She’s no longer allowed to chew on paper or cardboard as she has learned how to take bits off with her gums and then tries to eat them. After fishing a few bits of paper out of her mouth, I banned paper and cardboard from her list of toys. I was actually able to get some smiling photos of Hannah. We were out to lunch one day when she went a bit hyper and started squealing, yelling, jumping, and giggling. I got out the camera, and to my amazement, the hyper activity didn’t stop, she didn’t stop and stare at the camera like she normally does. I was able to get lots of smiling photos, and since that day, she smiles for the camera like she’s been doing it her whole life.

I hope no one looked at me through the window of the car on the drive home. They would have been in for a very big shock. I’m sure it’s not everyday that you see someone in the passenger seat of a car using a manual breast pump while going down the freeway. I didn’t really have a choice, Hannah was refusing to nurse (too much to look at, it was very hot and sticky, who knows really), and I am not really a fan of exploding boobies, so I pumped. Yes, I could have done it in the bathroom at a rest stop or something, but 1, that would have added extra time to the already long journey, and 2, is pumping in the filthy bathroom at Macca’s any less weird then pumping while in a moving vehicle? I think not. I was very worried about the drive home from Byron Bay. Hannah has never really been a fan of car rides, and we were going to drive from Byron Bay to Tamworth the first day, then Tamworth to Sydney (via Penrith) the second day. She never fails to surprise and delight us though. She was wonderful the first day. Even though she didn’t have much sleep in the car (she can’t sleep very long in the car seat, I think because she usually sleeps on her tummy and obviously can’t do that in her seat), she was happy, didn’t cry, and was quite content. We stopped frequently to let her out of her seat, and to give her some food. By the last couple of hours of the journey on the second day, she had had enough. She pretty much screamed for an hour straight, until we stopped in Windsor for some lunch. Poor Bubba.

I know my blog is a day late. Monday I didn’t even realise it was Monday. Aaron has the week off, so it felt like it was Sunday. Then Tuesday I meant to do it but the camera was out of batteries so I couldn’t get the photos on the computer to put on the blog (and I forgot to charge it until the evening). Then yesterday I was too busy. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll live.

Bubba makes boys cry

16 Nov

Trying on one of my bikini’s, I looked in the mirror. Finally, my linea nigra is starting to fade. It’s still there, but not so loud and proud as before. I’m glad I can fit into my bikini’s, but I still have 3 kilos to lose before I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight. No rush though, it’s only been 4 months. I put my shorts on the other day too. I tried them a month or so ago, and couldn’t get them past my hips/butt, let alone do them up, so I’m ecstatic that I can fit in to them now.

“Ouch!!” Ok, well that’s what he would have said if he could talk, but he is just a 4 month old baby, so he curled out his bottom lip, and started crying instead. Hannah has started to take interest in other babies, and reaches out to touch them and grab their hands. Unfortunately, she gave Archie a nipple cripple while she was at it. He wasn’t the only baby she made cry that day, baby Connor also cried when she grabbed his hand too much. Watch out, we have a little heart breaker on our hands!!

Bubba and I went to the beach with the girls on Wednesday. I was a bit worried that Hannah might not like the water as it is still quite cold, but she couldn’t have cared less. As soon as I put her little feet in the wet sand, she started bouncing (she does that when she’s happy). The little waves crashed over her feet, which she also loved. She watched her feet as the water went out, burying her little toes in the sand. I didn’t want to keep her in too long though, her little bubba feet were getting quite cold.

Speaking of feet, Hannah has discovered that she has some. She can entertain herself for ages, just laying on her back, grabbing her toes. Or, she lifts her head and shoulders up, as well as her feet, and looks at them for a while.

I like that Hannah is now exploring the wide world of food, but I don’t like the increasingly smelly, sticky poops. Last night, she ate 2 TBSP of rice cereal (with breast milk), and another 2 TBSP of sweet potato (with breast milk). This morning, she had a really smelly, sticky poo. I hate to think what her poos will smell like when she is over 6 months old, and getting more solids then breast milk!

Pee pee bath, beach time, mummified, and up all night

9 Nov

Time since birth: 4 months
Where has the time gone??

I’m not impressed, I have a cold. The skin around my nostrils is bright red and peeling due to excessive nose blowing. I sound like I have a frog in my throat. I feel like I have a frog in my throat. My nose has turned into a faucet. I’ve been feeding Hannah with kleenex stuffed up my nose so it doesn’t drip on her. I must look rather funny, a boob hanging out with a bubba attached, kleenex hanging out of my nose. I think Hannah might have caught my cold. Last night she was up 5 times. Never in her life has she been up 5 times before (I kept records, I checked). She doesn’t seem sick though. I suppose there are a million other reasons why a baby would be up so many times. The first time (10pm) she seemed gassy, the kind that burns when it comes out. I patted her and she screamed as she did huge farts. I thought she had done a giant poo, but upon nappy checking, all I found was pee. I gave her some booby to settle her down and then she went back to sleep. 12pm – the crying started again. She seemed a bit snuffly. I gave her some booby and she went back to sleep. 2pm, surely she can’t be hungry again. I patted her and let her suck my finger (after I sanitised it) and she went back to sleep. 3pm, awake again. I gave her some more booby which she took ravenously. 5pm, I could hear her grizzling, and crying a bit on the monitor, but I didn’t get up, it didn’t sound urgent. She went back to sleep. As I said, there are so many reasons why she could have been waking up. Maybe she was too hot or cold (it was pretty hot at the beginning of the night), maybe she was uncomfortable with wind or just the way she was wrapped. Maybe she was hungry. Maybe she just couldn’t resettle herself after her sleep cycle (babies have sleep cycles of about 45 minutes). Who knows. I just hope that tonight is better. I feel like a zombie today. Maybe more like a mummy, I do have kleenex hanging out of my nose. I could walk around with my arms in front of me and scare small children if I wanted to. Come to think of it, zombies and mummies are quite similar. Maybe mummies are just zombies with bandages? Yes, I know I’m random.

The race that stops the nation. That is the Melbourne cup. I like to dress up for the occasion, as I have done for a few years now. It’s fun to put on a nice dress and put a fascinator (or hat, whatever takes your fancy) in your hair to watch the race. I’m not particularly into horse racing (I feel a bit sorry for the horses, I think backyard horses would get so much more love and attention), but it’s a good excuse to dress up. I was going to wear the fascinator myself, but I put it on Hannah for a bit of a laugh. She looked so cute that I left it there. We went to the pub with Grandma to watch the race and I could hear everyone commenting on how cute Hannah was as we walked by.

Aaron usually gives Hannah her bath, but sometimes I feel like a bit of a bath, so she has one with me. We have a bit of a special hot water system in this apartment building that only refills once per day (well, night, sometime in the middle of it). There is enough water for 2 showers with a bit left over, or a bath and a shower. Needless to say if Aaron and I both wish to stay clean, Hannah can’t have a bath as often as needed, so she ends up having a shower with Aaron most of the time. I felt like a bath, so after I had a relaxing nice bath, in came Aaron with Hannah for her wash. He stood her up in the water, holding under her armpits to balance her. Her lower half is usually under the water, but since she was standing, Aaron could clearly see that she did pee pees as soon as she got in. I wonder if she always does that. Is it gross that I didn’t get out? I mean I was already in there, It was already in the water, we were out of hot water, and getting out wasn’t going to change the fact that it was already on me. It’s not like it was a huge volume or anything either, she is only tiny. I think Aaron is a bit scared of having a bath with her now. It’s funny, before having a baby, I would have been mortified to think that I would be in a bath with pee, but now, after being peed on, pooed on, vomited on, finding vomit in my hair at the end of the day and not knowing when it got there, etc., a little pee does not bother me. Of course if I could control the matter, there would never be pee in the bath with me, but it’s out of my control, so what can you do? Shortly after the pee fountain, the bathtub became a spa. Little bubbles came up all around Hannah. I take it she likes to fart in the bath too. Maybe she was just gassy that day. Lucky for me, there was no follow through. That, I would have vacated the bath for.

It was supposed to rain on Saturday, but it ended up being a very nice day. We went to a lunch at someone from Aaron’s works house near the beach, so we decided to take Bubba to the beach for the first time. I had already purchased her a really cute little swimming suit. Well, it’s not so little, it like a rashee with legs. It covers her from her neck, to her wrists to her ankles, and is SPF 50. Don’t want the bubba getting sunburned!! I also bought her a sun tent. It’s like a dome tent that you sleep in when camping, only it has an open side. That way you can always have shade at the beach and not burn the Bubba. We didn’t stay long at the beach as it was quite windy, but Hannah seemed to really like it. We stood her in the sand (holding under her armpits, she is a super baby, but she can’t stand yet…), and she smiled and wanted to bounce. She loves to bounce. She bends her little knees and then pushes and who ever is holding her then pulls her up as if she is jumping. She loves it.

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