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My manky arm

6 Mar

Finally, my arm has been freed.  6.5 weeks in a cast, and I was going a little crazy.  And it was starting to smell.  Every time my right hand was anywhere remotely near my face, a horrible smell wafted to my nose.  Ick.  I could only imagine what my arm looked like under that cast….

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The nurse/doctor/whatever she was, took the rather scary looking, but won’t actually hurt you cast cutting saw, and worked her magic.  Twice.  The first magic didn’t work so well.  Then she had to cut the other side too.  And then use scissors.  Silly cast wanted to take my arm hostage forever.

My arm and hand looked disgusting. There appeared to be caked-on dirt all over it.

They let me use the sink to scrub at my arm.  The brown wouldn’t come off.  Luckily the smell did.  Ick.

On closer examination, the brown was actually dry disgusting skin, still half clinging to my arm.  Ick.  It wouldn’t come off.  My arm looked like something from an f-grade horror movie.  And my wrist didn’t want to move.  I guess being immobile for 6.5 weeks does that to a person.

After inspecting my arm at home, I realised the hair on my arm was a man-ish black colour.  Not so pretty if you know what I mean.  Not only that, but the back of my hand seems to have decided that it wanted to grow some hair too.  Some man-ish black hair.

I suppose my other hand has a little bit of hair too, but it’s light coloured peach-fuzz type hair. And there isn’t very much of it.  It seems that being covered up made my arm hair thick, dark, and multiplying.

And then there’s the underside of my arm.  That pretty much looks like a giant clump of small volcanoes.  All of the hair (extra hair, remember, I got extra hair while in the cast…) that tried to grow couldn’t quite get out.  So now it’s all ingrown. Ick.

Looks like I’m going to resemble sasquatch for a little while.  Hopefully just a little while. Excess thick black hair is not the sort of battle scar I want….

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