What she looks like (according to a 3 year old)

21 Nov

“Daniel, do you have any friends that are girls at your daycare?” Hannah (5) asked Daniel (3).

“Charlie is my friend, ” he told her.

“Charlie is a boy, buddy.” I told him, knowing there is a little boy named Charlie at his daycare.



“No, there’s a girl Charlie too.” Daniel said in a duh-Mommy-I’m-not-stupid  tone of voice.

“What does girl Charlie look like?” Hannah asked him.

Daniel's daycare photo

Daniel’s daycare photo

He thought about it for a couple seconds. “Uh, she wears girl shirts.”

“But what does girl Charlie look like?” Hannah asked again, clearly unimpressed with the description only a little boy could give.

He thought about it for a couple more seconds. “She has a nose, like me!” He said proudly.

“What colour are her eyes?” Hannah asked, changing tactics.

“Um….Mama, what colour are girl Charlie’s eyes?” He asked me.

“I don’t know buddy, I didn’t even know there was a girl Charlie at your daycare.”

“Yeah, but what colour are her eyes, Mama?” He asked me again because obviously moms should know everything.

So girl Charlie wears girl shirts and has a nose. Thank you  Daniel for those insightful observations.

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One Response to “What she looks like (according to a 3 year old)”

  1. Lisa @ Cardiovascular March 3, 2015 at 12:52 pm #

    Lol! She has a nose like me :))) and wears girls shirts.. gotta love the description :))

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