Inside guide: 5 top hollywood hair secrets

1 May

Right now I’m trying to grow my fringe out a bit.  Not to the length of the rest of my hair, but just to about my chin or so.  At the moment it’s at that really annoying length that’s a bit too long to be a nicely kept side swept fringe, but too short to be a face framing fringe.  Plus I’m usually wearing my glasses so it hangs down to my glasses, the kind of shoots out over the sides.  It looks pretty ridiculous, but I can’t really do anything about it, I just have to wait until it’s that little bit longer and less silly looking.  In the meantime, I can dream about how nice it will look when it’s grown to where I want it, and take the advice of this week’s guest post so that the rest of it looks luscious:

Why is it that all celebrities seem to have the magic formula that creates flawless hair 24/7? Atevery red carpet event, without fail, their hair looks healthy and effortlessly shiny. Well, there is good news. It is possible for everyone to share in the perfection with the right products and tools.Below you will find five hair tips straight from Hollywood guaranteed to make your locks as luscious as the stars. The plus side is these don’t involve forking out for constant hairdressing appointments and expensive treatments.

Hair Concealers

You never see a spot of baldness, hair loss or hint of scalp on any celebrity – they always seem to have thick, luscious locks cascading from root to tip. One way to get this look is with a good hair concealer, a product that caters for endless shades of colour. Once applied, the fibres cling to the hair and cover up any gaps – making the hair appear full and healthy. Products like BioTHIK have a great range of affordable options that only take minutes to apply and will last through rain, hail or shine.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is one of the best products to have on hand at all times – it’s quick, effective and can be applied anywhere. The shampoo works by eliminating the greasy look created by your hairs’ natural oils, and comes in powder form. Simply spray or pat on lightly and watch your hair turn from lanky to fresh and clean. Great if you haven’t had time to wash your hair properly and just need to get through the day without your hair looking like a puddle of grease.

Nourishing oil

The idea of adding extra oil to your hair is probably making you cringe, but nourishing oil is a must-
have for anyone wanting their hair to look healthy and shiny. Made with many natural products and antioxidants, it helps to calm down frizz-prone hair and heal dry ends. It’s designed not to make your hair appear oily or dirty, and is great for anyone who uses straighteners or other harsh tools to style hair.


How does all of Hollywood seem to be blessed with voluptuous waves of hair? Well, often times they cheat the camera with the use of good hair extensions. Decent quality extensions are brilliant at adding extra length and volume and can easily be removed and re-attached for future use. Just make sure that the extension matches your hair type and colour exactly; it’s probably best to consult a hairdresser before making a purchase.

Ceramic Curlers Instead Of Metal Curlers

Curlers are generally a must-have in any woman’s hair care arsenal, but many don’t know that metal curlers are actually very damaging in the wrong hands. Because of the extreme heat of the metal, home-taught DIY hairdressers are probably best using the ceramic kind, as misuse leads to damaged, dry hair. Hollywood standard hair can be achieved by anyone with the right products and techniques, even if you don’t have an army of stylists and hairdressers at your fingertips. These products will keep your locks looking like the A-list for all situations, without costing a fortune.

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One Response to “Inside guide: 5 top hollywood hair secrets”

  1. Erica June 28, 2014 at 2:51 pm #

    Oh, now i know what the secret to their beautiful hair. I love the idea of using ceramic curlers instead of metal curlers.

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