I have no internet

3 Apr

I’m going to make this short because it’s 9:31 (I’m usually in bed by now because I get up at 5am) and I’m still at YaYa’s house, borrowing her internet connection.  I had to come over and do all the uni work that needs to be digitally turned in by tomorrow.

The internet is kind of important when you’re an external university student (where everything is online except the 3 day workshop), and a blogger. But TPG doesn’t seem to care about that.  We haven’t had any internet in a week.  First it started annoyingly dropping out, then it totally died and hasn’t resurfaced since.

Aaron called TPG (our provider) who said they’d call us back in 48 hours.  They didn’t.  Needless to say, we called them back, and they guessed that the problem was due to all the recent rain.  Perhaps the exchange is flooded.  They rent Telstra’s lines, and they said Telstra can’t come fix it until the 8th.  Yes, the 8th.  That makes keeping up with uni very hard.  Not to mention my blog, emails, etc.

Instead, we decided to switch our service to someone more reliable, but the new connection isn’t getting hooked up until the 11th.  It’s to be another rough week, but hopefully it will be better in the long run. Plus we will have cable TV, which is a whole lot better than what we currently get.  Right now, sometimes we have reception, sometimes not.

So if you’re wondering why I haven’t answered your email, or posted anything, it’s because I have no internet, and when I do get a moment to steal someone else’s connection for a bit, I have to catch up with all the uni work I should be doing.   Sorry.

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One Response to “I have no internet”

  1. LBcruiseshipblogger April 4, 2014 at 4:56 am #

    In the days before internet we managed our lives just fine without it, but now it seems central to everything we do and going is such a hardship. Hang in there.

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