Three easy ways to de-clutter your kitchen

3 Feb

I have lots of gadgets in my kitchen. And about a million different spices/herbs. And jars of things. And mess in general. Perhaps I should heed the advice given in the guest post below:

Three Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Kitchen

A cluttered kitchen can cause a lot of stress. Things are spread out across the bench tops, there’s minimal room, and you just can’t bring yourself to cook anything let alone clean things up. But a cluttered kitchen is easily fixed. You don’t need to spend hours sorting through your things to find them homes. Here are three easy ways to de-clutter your kitchen.


If your pantry or cupboards are full of half-used packets of flour and sugar, it’s time for you to buy some jars. This can be a wonderful initiative to begin the de-cluttering of your space. Have a look at the different kinds of jars that are available. By turning the situation into one where you can decorate, you will immediately feel more inspired to clean up. Take a trip to an antique store or a home wares shop. Find some jars or containers that suit your kitchens theme.

Now that's what I'm talking about. This makes my organisational heart sing. (image courtesy of

Now that’s what I’m talking about. This makes my organisational heart sing. (image courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic)


As well as jars, it’s important that you have ample storage for all of your utensils and cooking equipment. And this can be combatted in a similar way. There are several cute and interesting things you can find to help organise your kitchen equipment. You could look into hanging them, or again, find some attractive forms of storage that will spruce up your kitchen at the same time. If you’re feeling creative, you could even look into making them yourself – or decorating them, at least. Try and use your creative energy to inspire yourself to clean up and de-clutter.

Throw things Away

I know, it can seem terrifying. But sometimes what we really need to do to de-clutter is to throw away anything we don’t need. While your reorganising your pantry or cupboards, have a look at all of the different things that are taking up your precious space, and decide which ones you do and don’t need. There are bound to be utensils that you haven’t used before – if at all – as well as appliances that are out of use or completely unusable. Be strict on yourself. If you can’t decide whether to keep something or not, throw it away. If you really need it you will know straight away. While you’re doing this, you can try your hand at reorganising the layout of your kitchen. You may find a style that suits you better, and will help you to keep things need and uncluttered.

Clutter, consciously or not, will always have an effect on the way you think. If you’re stressed out, it could well be the cause. Take the time to evaluate your kitchen and the different ways that you can go about tidying things up. For more information about keeping a clutter free kitchen, take a look at Fort Knox Storage. They may just have what you need.

*This post was brought to you by Fort Knox Storage.


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