Christmas lunch

19 Dec

I’m not going to lie, it’s weird having Christmas in the summer.  Christmas was always my favourite holiday growing up.  I always woke up multiple times per night in excitement, so my parents made the rule that after 2am, we could open one present from our stocking per hour until 5 (or maybe 6? I can’t remember), when we could get up and open our whole stockings.  My brother usually just slept until one of us woke him up.  I, on the other hand, would be up every hour getting my one present.

After my parents and my brother and I all opened our stockings, we’d delve into the pile of presents that appeared under the tree over night.  Before then, there would be a couple of presents so that I could shake a couple and try to guess what wonderful things jiggled around inside, but my parents only put out most of the presents after we went to bed.  A tradition I’m keeping. Although we don’t have any presents under our tree.  I’m sure the minute I turn around, Daniel would be opening them.  It’s a bit mean to leave out presents and expect a 2 year old not to touch them.

We’d then indulge in some delicious breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls, before getting ready to go to my grandparents house for more presents, and early dinner with the extended family.

I loved seeing all of the relatives on my mom’s side of the family on Christmas day.  We didn’t see them often, but every Christmas, we’d all pack in to my Grandparents, or my mom’s aunt and uncles house and everyone would be there, laughing and talking.

Dinner always consisted of the same thing: Turkey, cranberry sauce, bread rolls, sweet potatoes cooked in butter and brown sugar, and vegetables.  I was, as you know, a completely ridiculous fussy eater though, so I just ate the bread rolls.  I think 7 was my record.

It was cold over there at Christmas time though, so a turkey and all the fixings worked.  Over here? Not so much.  I don’t want my oven to be on, heating up the already scorching house in probable upper 30 (c) degree temperatures.  Plus, if it’s a super hot day on Christmas, I don’t really want to be eating a hot turkey in the heat of the day.

Instead, we’re having a BBQ.  Barbeques Galore has a huge range of BBQ’s and other outdoor stuff if you don’t already have one.  This is the very first Christmas that we’re having at our house, since we have one now, so we can actually do that.  We won’t need to have the oven on at all, and I don’t even need to do the cooking.  BBQ-ing is Aaron’s job.  I bought some Christmas themed paper plates and paper cups, which are perfectly acceptable when one is eating BBQ’d food, so I won’t even have to waste precious Christmas time washing up the dishes.

The humble BBQ: Our Christmas feast vessle

The humble BBQ: Our Christmas feast vessle

I even found the perfect sausages: Turkey with cranberry, sage, and pine nuts. If that’s not an Aussie version of my childhood Christmas dinner (well, the one my family prepared, not that I actually ate most of it…), I don’t know what is.

*This post was brought to you by Barbeques Galore

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