Preparing for a renovation

11 Dec

We are currently in the midst of renovating our back yard.  If you can call it that.  Basically, the entire back lawn was bindiis, apart from a lone tree in the corner when we moved in.

Our backyard when we moved in.

Our backyard when we moved in.

We are transforming it into a place where the kids can play bare footed, without yelping in pain.  Plus we’re putting in a veggie garden along two fences so I can grow my crazy heirlooms.

The back yard now.  The garden is not even remotely finished, but we've finally started it.

The back yard now. The garden is not even remotely finished, but we’ve finally started it.  The white line is where the edge of the garden will be (except it will go all the way to the left, not just where it stops)

If you’re delving in a bit deeper though, todays guest post will give you some pointers:

Renovating can be a very messy time. Demolition of walls, floors and ceilings will create temporary chaos and mess. Old insulation, plumbing and wiring may be pulled out and built-in cupboards torn down. There will be dust and plaster flying thick and fast.

Depending on how extensive your renovations, you may need to relocate during the process. If renovations are more minor you may be able to stay in your home but you will need to clear affected rooms and store your furnishings. The easiest and safest option is to hire a self storage unit for the period of your renovations. A self storage unit offers you easy access to your stored goods and excellent security.

Develop a Plan

Before you begin you need to think about what you want to achieve by renovating. Do you want more room or perhaps more storage? What is not working in your existing home? Make a thorough plan of your renovating project, including the selection and pricing of materials and contractors. The cheapest contractor is not always the best. Ask for references. Hiring an architect can be an excellent idea at the planning stage.

Think Long Term

When you are deciding on your renovation, plan for the long term. Think about what you will want years down the track. Avoid making renovation based on short-term needs as you may find you need to renovate again in the future. Discuss your short and long term goals with your builder or architect. Even if you can’t afford all the renovations at once, your builder should be able to help you plan a sequenced approach.

Determine the Cost

Renovations very often run over budget. You need to do your homework and ask lots of questions in order to avoid blowing your budget. Also get a definite quote from all your contractors. Do not commit to the project until you have a complete understanding of the costs involved and you are sure you can meet them. A half-finished renovation is worse than no renovation. Be vigilant!

Make Formal Agreements

Do not leave anything to chance. Once you choose a contractor make a formal written agreement detailing the scope of the work to be performed and the price. This will save unnecessary disputes later.

Beware of Over Capitalising

You need to assess whether the amount of money you are investing in your renovations will be able to be recouped if you sell your home. It is a mistake to pay for expensive renovations if it will not improve the saleable value of your property. Consider the current value of your property and seek advice from a real estate agent as to the value with the improvements in place. If you plan to stay in your home for ten years or more you may decide to go ahead regardless, as you may decide the benefits outweigh the expense. Just be sure you are making an informed decision.

Then take a deep breath, the end result will be worth the temporary inconvenience.

*This post was brought to you by Fort Knox Storage.

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