Devastating fires

19 Oct

The last time bush fires in the Sydney area were this bad was about 12 years ago.  I was staying with my host family (for the second time) and the fires were very near.  We were on high alert with our bags packed, ready to flee at a moment’s notice. It was terrifying.  We never did have to evacuate, and we were thankfully spared from the fires.  I can’t imagine the terror and anguish affected families are feeling right now.

A lot of people were not so lucky this time around.  Already 200 homes have already burned down, one person has lost his life, and a horrendous amount of domestic and wild animals have lost theirs.

The worst fire in this area is about 20 minutes from me, in the same suburb I completed my high school exchange in. It’s gut wrenching looking towards the mountains and seeing the rising black smoke.  I thought it was really foggy this morning until I stepped outside and realised it wasn’t fog at all, it was smoke.  It was so thick that objects only few meters away looked like silhouettes.

It is wonderful to see the generosity of the community though.  So many people have donated to affected families, people have opened their homes, and restaurants are giving away free meals.  Please pray for those affected.

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