Spoiling them rotten

3 Oct

I love getting new clothes.  Hannah loves getting new clothes.  I think most people do.  So here is a guest article about just that:

Sometimes, you just want to buy the perfect outfit for your child. Whether it’s for a special event, school gathering, or just for fun, it’s nice to be able to spoil your child a little and find a really nice article of clothing. To help you decide on the perfect outfit, here are some top-notch brands that offer quality clothing for kids.

Hugo Boss

Though most well-known for their superb line of stylish suits and formal wear for men, Hugo Boss also offers tasteful apparel for stylish kids. Beyond adorable tailored suits for little boys, they also have casual, athletic and beachwear for both boys and girls. If you’re looking for laidback luxury, this is the perfect place to start.


Jcrew made a name for itself in designing business casual clothing for a preppy-chic look (think tanned, smiling adults sporting bow-ties and cashmere sweaters on the deck of a yacht off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard). They now offer Crewcuts, which is a unique line of their favorite pieces with adults, but resized for kids. These outfits would be perfect for events when it pays to look nice, but not quite formal, such as a garden party or a day trip to Paris.

Brooks Brothers

If you’re looking for pint-sized formal wear, look no further than Brooks Brothers. Make your kids stand out with a sleek suit or evening gown. They also have casual wear in all the latest fashions, so your kids can show off how hip and with-it they are.


For toned down, timeless elegance, look no further than Burberry. You’ll find kids outfits sporting colors like camel plaid, off-white and dusty rose, which fit in seamlessly at any event and never go out of style. In addition, Burberry is known for sleek, fashionable outerwear, like tailored trench coats, blazers, and artful leather jackets, but in kids’ sizes, letting your kid show off her style all year round.

A Final Note

While it’s sometimes nice to spoil your little one with a top-quality outfit, understand that kids can be finicky. Sometimes, a favorite outfit might not be that dress that you paid hundreds for, but the other dress that you got on sale at the department store. There really is no telling what will make any given article of clothing into a favorite.

With that in mind, you won’t necessarily have to buy designer clothes like these. Instead, spend some time browsing online for tasteful, quality kids clothes that don’t have designer price tags. Better yet, invite the kids to come shopping with you and let them choose their outfits. Chances are, when presented with options, your child will know what he or she wants, and then you can spoil them by buying something he or she picked out.

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