Ensuring nutrition in picky kids

18 Jul

“You make yucky dinners, Mommy.” Hannah told me last night.

“You don’t know they’re yucky because you don’t actually try them.” I told her.

“I do know they’re yucky, I can smell the yucky.  You make yucky dinners.  Why can’t you make yummy things for dinner?”  And by yummy, she means plain pasta with a bit of cheese, Vegemite sandwiches, or crackers.

Hannah’s lack of a varied diet is something we struggle with every single day.  For a long time, our rewards chart system was working wonders.  If she tried her dinner, she would get a magnet on the rewards chart.  A week of trying her dinner entitled her to a reward that we predetermined together.  Sure, she would just take the one bite, and half the time gag and gag whilst making hideous why-are-you-torturing-me-this-is-the-most-disgusting-thing-I’ve-ever-eaten-in-my-life faces, but for us, that was progress.  We thought that if she tried things often enough, one day, she might actually come to like them.

She does eat fruit, carrots, and frozen pea, corn and carrot mixes (she will only eat them if they are frozen) occasionally.  Meat, on the other hand, is non-existant in her diet.  No fish, no beef, no pork, not even chicken, apart from the occasional nibble she will take out of a chicken nugget.

Consequently, we’ve been giving her a nutritionally complete powder mixed with her milk after breakfast so that we know she is getting some protein and iron in her diet.  She thinks she is getting a treat, since we got the chocolate flavoured powder, and we get peace of mind, knowing that she is not going to be malnourished.  It’s a win-win. (Some are not suitable for children, check the label to make sure).

Oh my goodness, I can get this in pudding form?!   Um...yes...for Hannah....

Oh my goodness, I can get this in pudding form?! I do love pudding….

One such nutritionally complete powder, Ensure, is available pretty much world wide, and comes in many forms.  Like pudding.  Yes, pudding.  So if you have a kid who doesn’t like to drink stuff, but loves desert, you can just give him/her some pudding. Brilliant.

Ensure can also be used to help manage constipation (the very reason we got a powder with extra fibre for Hannah), after surgery when the patient can’t have solids, for people who can’t chew properly, as a post-exercise drink, and has many other uses as well.

Of course, obtaining all of your nutrition from fresh, healthy food is ideal, but that’s not always possible, especially in kids and elderly people, so having an alternative is wonderful, and often, life saving.

*This post was brought to you by Ensure Canada.

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    Somebody takes after her mother in more than looks….

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