The creepy neighbor

9 Jul

“Hi.” The kids and I hear as we’re playing outside (Aaron is usually at work when we’re playing outside).

We all look up at the back fence where one of the neighbour girls is peeking over whilst standing on her trampoline. “Hi,” we say back.

“Mommy, can you hold me up to the fence?” Hannah asks me excitedly.  She loves talking to the neighbor girls, even though we can’t remember any of their names.  There are three of them, a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 7 year old.  Or something like that.

“Hi.” Hannah says as she grabs at the top of the fence, whilst sitting on my shoulder, even though she already said hi.

Their chat is inaudible to me since I pretty much have a butt in my ear as I hold Hannah up.  I’m not very tall you know, and neither is she, so holding her up high enough to see over the fence is not an easy task.


Something crashed into the colourbond fence.

“It’s just my dog.” The neighbour girl tells us. “He likes to jump on the trampoline.”

I put Hannah back down and pushed her and Daniel on the swings.

“Maybe when your parents are friends with my parents, you can come over an play.” The girl told Hannah over the fence.

“Yeah!”  Hannah said excitedly.  Hannah often asks if she can play with the neighbour girls, but since I can’t remember their names, and I don’t know their parents, it would be kind of weird if I just invited them over through the fence.

“Maybe we could all go to the park together one day during the school holidays,” the girl told Hannah “then your parents can get to know my parents and we can play at each other’s houses.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” I told her, knowing how much Hannah wants to play with her. “Does your mum work?”

“No, she doesn’t work.” I’ve never seen her mum, or even faintly heard her from our side of the fence.  We met the dad when he and the kids and the dog knocked on our door to ask if they could take a panel off our fence to get their hot tub out.  We said yes by the way.  Oh, and we spoke to him another time when we first moved in and he asked us if we’d like a swingset, which he then passed to us over the fence.

“I don’t work either.  So maybe during the school holidays, we could all go to the park one afternoon after Daniel’s nap.”

“YEAH!” The girl said “should I go and ask my mum? I can ask her right now.”

“Ok, go and ask her.”

And that is the last time I saw the girl over the fence.

In hindsight, a 7 year old girl isn’t going to go inside and be like “hey Mum, I thought it would be nice if you and the neighbour were friends so that I can go over and play with the kids, so I suggested we all go to the park together in the holidays.  You, us, and the neighbours.”

It was probably more like “Hey Mum, the neighbour lady wants me to go to the park with her, can I go?” Which was probably followed by a horrified look from the mother, and a lecture about not talking to strangers, particularly me.

So I guess I’m the creepy neighbour. Sigh.

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  1. oscar July 17, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    You really know your current stuff… Carry on the good operate!”

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