Who’s your daddy

6 Jul

“Daniel is Leah’s daddy.”  Hannah informed me on our way home from Grandma’s house this morning.  For her birthday, YaYa got her a doll that talks when you push her tummy.  Hannah named her Leah.

Hannah and Leah

Hannah and Leah

“Daniel can’t be the daddy, brothers and sisters can’t have babies together.” I told Hannah. “Daniel is the uncle.”

“Yeah, like uncle Jim! Ok, Daddy is the daddy.”

“Daddy can’t be the daddy either Sweetie, Daddies can’t have babies with their daughters.”

“Who is the daddy then?”  Hannah asked me.

Hmmm… I wasn’t sure how to answer that one.  On the one hand, she was talking about a pretend baby, so it didn’t really matter, but on the other hand, I didn’t want her to think it’s ok to have babies with family members.  But if I said Leah didn’t have a daddy, then Hannah probably would have been very confused and probably would have asked questions that I don’t know how to answer appropriately for a 4 year old.  Plus Hannah really wanted her baby to have a daddy.

“Who is her auntie?” Hannah asked instead. Phew, baby making questions averted.

“Well, you don’t have a sister, so Leah doesn’t really have an auntie.”

“But I really want her to have an auntie.”

“We can pretend one of your friends is her auntie.”

“Violet is her auntie!”  Hannah told me excitedly.  Violet is her best friend, and has been their whole lives.

“And I am her Grandma, and Daddy is her Grandpa.”

“Yeah! But she still needs a daddy,” Hannah said a little sadly.

“Nathaniel is her daddy!!  Yay, now Leah has all of her family.” Hannah announced proudly.

Nathaniel is Hannah’s friend from church.  He is the son of the children’s minister and his wife. So guess what Ed and Bec?  Your son is now a dad.  I hope he doesn’t freak out too much.

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4 Responses to “Who’s your daddy”

  1. Charlie Hendricks July 9, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    My three year old today just asked “who’s my daddy?”. I thought it was very silly of him. Then I asked. He pointed to the UPS driver walking up the driveway. Should I tell my husband?

    • Mommy Adventures July 9, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

      Hahahaha! Hannah used to say she had another mommy when she was little. A mommy that lived in the mountains. Ok then.

  2. Meredith July 9, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    My daughter doesn’t have a “daddy” yet, she calls bother her father & I “mom-mom” – it’s pretty hilarious (& confusing, LOL!).

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