The perfect dress

27 Jun

Our closet in fairly ginormous for a non-walk in variety.  It’s mirrored sliding doors take up the length of an entire wall.  Aaron has half, and I have half.  Half of my half is taken up completely by dresses.  I love dresses. Of course bending over to pick up kids and crawling around on the floor whilst playing with kids all day is not exactly conducive to dress wearing, unless I want everyone and their mother to see my butt.  I did, however, come up with a solution to the hi-here’s-my-butt problem: stretch shorts.  I just wear stretch shorts under my dress in the summer, and stretch pants under my dress in the winter.  No more awkward indecent exposure incidents and I still get to wear my dresses.

Find out how to shop for your perfect dress with today’s guest post:

3 Tips for buying the perfect summer dress

Can’t find that perfect summer dress? Help is on its way in the form of the 3 top tips for how to find your wardrobe’s centrepiece this summer. Forget trawling around the shops, because once you know what to look for it’s easy to find the perfect dress for you.

One of the most important things to remember when buying your dress is to pick one you like. Ignore what is in or out of fashion this season, and choose something which suits you. Discover which styles of dresses enhance your body shape, choose shapes which accentuate the areas you like, and improve those you’re not so fond of. Pick a dress with colours that suit your skin tone and hair colour – even if the shape is good, the wrong colours can ruin all your work.

This dress is going to be the centre of your style this season, so you want to be able to wear it as much as possible! Make sure you can dress it up for an evening out – could you brave the theatre when it’s matched with heels and a wrap, or is it only an in-the-garden item? Also, you need to be able to throw it on with flip flops and a hat for the garden, so don’t go for anything too fancy! You only want to buy one dress, and be able to wear it for all occasions, so make sure that you can change the look with a quick accessory swap.

Finally, it has got to be comfortable. Don’t ever compromise on comfort; you’ll be wearing it in the heat, so you’ve got to be sure that the dress won’t constrict you in any way. Choose a light fabric so you can keep cool on those hot days, and remember that you can always throw on a smart Cotton Traders ladies jacket for the evening when it gets colder. Make sure the fabric doesn’t irritate your skin, as light fabrics can sometimes itch. To make sure you get this right, always try on your dress. This is easy on the high street, and if you’re shopping online buy the dress and try it on at home – most companies have great return policies such as cotton traders on many womens blouses for example, so don’t worry about having to send it back.

Once you’ve got your dress, enjoy it. You can wear it out to any occasion, and you’ll always look and feel gorgeous, so you can relax and have fun this summer!

*This post was brought to you by Cotton Traders

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  1. Andrea June 28, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    Great Tips! Thanks for sharing – think I may share this post! 🙂

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