Flirting with your spouse

2 May

With little kids in tow, work, uni, housework, and whatever else you have going on, it’s easy to let quality time with your significant other fall by the wayside.  Luckily, today’s sponsored post gives us a look at how to rekindle the fire:

When was the last time you genuinely flirted with your spouse or significant other? Flirting is important, but chances are it’s been a while. Sometimes between dirty diapers, making baby food, keeping up with the house, and a serious lack of sleep new mommies simply forget what it’s like to flirt.

Let’s face it. Having a baby can change things. Our bodies are different, our hormones are all over the place, and we either don’t feel sexy or we’re just too tired to care. It’s normal and it’s nobody’s fault and you are not alone.

The good news is there are a few easy ways to make sure daddy knows mommy’s thinking about him in all the ways that matter which will of course drive him nuts so all he can think about is you.

Compliment His Manliness

Guys like to be needed for things they can actually do something about. Whether you need help or not, let him be the “man” he needs to be and seek (as well as compliment) his expertise. Just like women, men love complements. It’s a part of being human and receiving validation from those around us. It may seem oversimplified, but honest heartfelt compliments go a long way to making him feel good about you and him both.

Be Interested In His Day

You like to be asked about your day right? So does he, but you need to listen to his response, not just go about fixing dinner or talk over him telling him about yours. Ask him questions about the things he seems excited about. One of the top complaints men have about their significant others is their lack of attention towards them. It may seem unfair, but your interest in him will generate more of his interest in you.

Send Him A Gift

You know how it makes you feel when he gives you unexpected gifts. Turn the tables and surprise him every now and then. You could send him flowers — only you know how he would react to that, or mail order plants are another idea for his office. Don’t send anything to work that would embarrass him. That could backfire on you and defeat the purpose.

What guy wouldn't want this on their desk?

What guy wouldn’t want this on their desk?

Leave Him Little Love Notes

Naughty or nice? That’s up to you. Maybe a little of both! Guys can be very visceral and there is nothing wrong with that when you can use it to your advantage. Hide a few handwritten “love notes” before he goes to work; in his lunch, tucked into his morning paper, inside his briefcase or jacket pocket. One is fine, but several will really drive him wild. Just be sure not to put anything too incriminating or identifying just in case one somehow gets intercepted.

Whisper In His Ear

There is something sexually exhilarating about the feel of warm breath lightly against our necks and ears, especially when paired with breathless promises. The trick here is be sure you are willing and able to back-up those promises. No man likes a tease and after time it’s just boring and could cause resentment.

Men have as much responsibility as women when it comes to keeping the home fires alive, but new mommies shouldn’t forget who they were before they had babies because that’s the woman he fell in love with.

*Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this article that was written by Sara.

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2 Responses to “Flirting with your spouse”

  1. Angela Glenn May 2, 2013 at 12:29 pm #

    Great tips. I just wish I didn’t always feel so tired. I always feel bad that he always ends up at the bottom of the to do list.

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