Living both dreams

28 Feb

Sports cars are fun.  I know from experience.  But can you have a sports car with a family? Today’s guest/sponsored post tackles that question head on:

When you think of a family having children, that same family also having a sports car is not always exactly the first thing that springs to mind. You might think such a vehicle would be too powerful, too expensive and too small to fit the bill as a suitable family car but why should parents miss out on the thrill of the wind in their hair as they cruise along in a flashy ride? Surely everyone deserves the chance to be the envy of all their friends and own the car they have always dreamed of. Luckily, you still can!

The sports car market – and vehicle market in general – is huge and can be pretty daunting when setting out in search of a new ride. When you have little ones toddling along behind you, it is normal to think this would add an additional layer of consideration when choosing which car to opt for but sometimes a massive market can be your best friend and not just a confusing hindrance, as among the masses are some brilliant hidden gems just waiting to be found and loved.

Thanks to cars like the Toyota 86 – like these ones on it is possible to own a sports car that can work with your family life, rather than against it. Big, clunky beasts bought only for their spacious interiors can be a thing of the past; a distant memory brushed under the carpet and long forgotten as you drive off in your exhilarating new car.


With so much fancy technology out there and hours upon hours of research, companies like Toyota now create vehicles that are incredibly safe, having been rigorously tested. This is perfect for families! Imagine the peace of mind travelling down the road knowing your children are tucked up safely in the back of a car that’s exterior is essentially a reinforced shield against the threats of the outside world. Speaking of the back; that is another of the glorious benefits of a car like the 86; sports cars have back seats now! The days of fancy cars only having two front seats are long gone. Say hello to modern style and a user-friendly vehicle built to accommodate all the family.

Budget is always an important factor when making a purchase these days – no more so than for people with children. It may then surprise you to know that some sports cars, the Toyota 86 included – are actually cheaper than many of their ‘family targeted’ counterparts. Finally you could buy the car of your dreams without telling the kids that Santa Claus might not make it that year.

Treating your children can bring you unprecedented joy, but so can treating yourself every now and then. Thankfully, it seems there may finally be the ideal solution which offers that beautiful ride you’ve always wanted for a price that is achievable that both parent and child alike will revel in cruising down the road in – because let’s face it; sports cars are cool.

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