Jumping up and down in muddy puddles

28 Dec

“FLOWER!” Daniel exclaimed as we entered the nursery (the flower kind, not the baby kind.)  He loves flowers. But I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. We walked along, both kids pointed and poking all the flowers as we went.

“Puddles!!!!!” Hannah yelled excitedly as we walked through the outdoor paths. They ran to big puddle, giggling as they went.

Jump, jump jump. Giggle giggle.  Hannah was jumping as high as she could, splashing water everywhere, her feet covered in water and splotches of dirt.  Daniel picked up one foot, then the other, back and forth, back and forth. He can’t quite jump yet, but stomping with one foot at a time, at a very rapid rate creates the desired splash effect.  Everyone who walked past either looked at us like we’d gone mad, or smiled at the delight on the kids’ faces. We don’t mind them jumping in puddles, they love it. I er…may have jumped a little bit myself. Maybe.

They both played in the puddle, giggling and shrieking in delight for quite a while, a la Peppa Pig.

It was hard dragging them away from the puddle, but we had a rose to buy. We had to stop at about  more puddles before we finally got to the roses.

Both Hannah and Daniel love going to the nursery, and they both love helping me garden.

Heirloom purple peas from our vegetable garden

Heirloom purple peas from our vegetable garden

Gardening is actually very good for kids. They learn about where food comes from, the environment, they love digging and pulling up weeds, teaches them responsibility, and best of all, they are far more likely to eat their vegetables if they grow them themselves. Every time we go to Grandma’s house, both Hannah and Daniel run to our vegetable patch to see what is ripe for them to eat. When we had broccoli, Hannah used to walk up to the plant and eat it without even picking it first. At home, she won’t even let broccoli onto her plate, and if I do put it there, she takes it straight off as if it’s some radioactive contaminant that is going to spoil the rest of her food.

Heirloom carrots from our vegetable garden. The purple ones are the most delicious.

Heirloom carrots from our vegetable garden. The purple ones are the most delicious.

Unfortunately, our local nursery doesn’t have any sort of kids activities, but if you live in the UK, Hayes Garden World has a Budding Young Gardeners Club.  They have planned activities, downloads, and a free membership pack.

Hayes Garden World sells plants, outdoor furniture, garden tools, and even pond accessories.

*This post was brought to you by Hayes Garden World.

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