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20 Dec

Hannah is going to go insane when she gets her Christmas present this year.  Insane in a good way, I mean. There will be shrieks of joy, jumping up and down, and probably that nanny goat laugh she does when she gets really excited about something. We have grand plans of mounting our brand new GoPro video camera on her present and filming her reaction when she sees it (the present, not the camera).

Unfortunately, she doesn’t actually get to open her present. It’s too big. We’ve stashed it in the garage at Grandma’s house with a sheet on top of it.  She is going to be so surprised.

A while ago, we went to a bike shop to get a back mounted child seat to stick  on the back of Aaron’s bike so we could all go bike riding. I already have a front mounted seat on my bike. But we have 2 kids, so one is always left out. Whilst we were there, Hannah’s shiny things radar took her straight to the back corner of the store where all the little pink bikes with sparkley tassels and baskets on the front were kept.

Example of a preschooler bike. Basket and everything.

Example of a preschooler bike. Basket and everything.

She excitedly jumped on the pinkest, sparkliest bike she could find and rode it around the shop, disappointed that she wouldn’t be taking it home.

When we got home, we discovered that the child seat didn’t fit Aaron’s bike. Well, it would, except we got the wrong length bar that goes from seat to bike. After some discussion, we decided that Hannah would probably like her own bike better anyway.  When the kids were at daycare, I returned the seat instead of exchanging it and got a bike for Hannah instead. But we couldn’t just give her a bike for no reason. We don’t want her to turn into a spoiled little brat. So I got the bike and hid it at Grandma’s for her Christmas present. I can’t wait to see her little face when she sees her very own bike.  Now I just have to remember to bring her helmet to Grandma’s on Christmas day. Without her knowing that we are bringing it, of course.

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