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12 Dec

Sunday we had our annual bubba’s Christmas party. Not that Hannah and her friends are bubbas anymore, but that’s still what I call it. You know how it is, she’ll always be my baby. We’ve been getting together for Christmas with all the other parents and kids from antenatal class since Hannah’s very first Christmas. Every year, we also line the kids up in order of birth (first born on the left. Hannah is second left) and take a photo.

This is the result we got when we asked the question "who wants cupcakes?!" Looks like Hannah is not the only lefty in the group.

This is the result we got when we asked the question “who wants cupcakes?!” Looks like Hannah is not the only lefty in the group.

The party was supposed to be at the beach but got changed at the last minute due to poor weather. Fine by me, there was a jumping castle and plenty of toys for all of the kids to play with at one of the other mum’s house.

Seems the fake smiles for the camera are pretty universal

Seems the fake smiles for the camera are pretty universal

The next morning, Hannah woke up and started vomiting. Ick. At least by that time, she had already digested everything in her stomach from the day before (and she ate a LOT the day before!) and all that came up was water. Because we all know how I feel about vomit.  Lucky for me, Hannah is now at an age where she can let me know she needs to vomit and actually get the vomit in a bowl, rather then just suddenly retching all over herself, the floor, and the couch. Sure, I had to hold the bowl for her to make sure every last drop was collected in there, but as I said, it was only liquid, so holding the bowl whilst rubbing her back was actually do able. Had there been chunks? Oh. My. Gosh. I’m not quite sure what I would have done. Probably still held the bowl and looked the other way. I don’t know.


I gave her Powerade to drink (for all the electrolytes), but poor girl, she couldn’t keep it down. She tried drinking water, but couldn’t keep that down either. For the whole morning, she laid on the couch, cuddling me and watching Peppa Pig in between bouts of vomiting. Poor Danny boy had to play by himself all morning. Not that he minded, since Peppa Pig was on. He does love Peppa Pig.

Suddenly, at 3pm, Hannah jumped off the couch and started dancing around the living room. She bounced and laughed and didn’t look at all like the sorry sick little girl of the morning. And that was it. She was better.

“I have to concentrate on not throwing up.” The text message from Aaron said. And not long after that, I got another one. “I’m on the train now. The motion making it even worse.” He was sick too. So sick he had to come home from work. It must have been really bad. Aaron never goes home from work sick. He will stay there and finish the day even if he has to go to the toilet every 5 minutes.

He slept for a few hours in the afternoon, and then felt much better.  We all had a good sleep that night.

Which brings us to yesterday. My boob appointment. No cancer, I found out, whilst awkwardly sitting there, talking to a man about my boobs as a first year medical student looked on, taking notes and learning. There are some lumps in the ducts. I’ll have to get another ultrasound in March, and then schedule surgery to have all the lumps and maybe the ducts removed. We can’t do it before then because I only stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago. You don’t dry up until after 6 months. If a duct was open during surgery and milk started coming out, and then seeped into the open wound made from surgery, it wouldn’t heal properly and could lead to all sorts of complications. So, later it is. At least I don’t have cancer. Phew.

I looked at the clock. 11:11pm. Last night. There was a rumbling in my belly. Oh crap. I went to the bathroom and then laid back down in bed. The rumbling started again. I went back to the bathroom. As soon as I was done I the toilet, before I could even pull my pants up, I nearly vomited. The noises and stomach heaves were there, but nothing came out. Luckily. I couldn’t lay down so flat, so I went to the couch instead, sitting half up with my back against the side of the couch to prevent the bile taste from going up my oesophagus.

The whole night was spent with my stomach in horrible pain, attempting in vain to get some sleep, and going to the bathroom at way too regular intervals. Needless to say, Aaron had to stay home from work today. I don’t know what sort of virus this is, but it’s pretty horrible. It’s short in duration, but goodness it comes on strong. I’m feeling much better now, as long as I’m resting. I think I’ll be better by tomorrow. I hope. I’m just praying that Daniel doesn’t get it too. He’s the only one left now who hasn’t gotten it, and I think it’d be the hardest for him. He hasn’t really been sick before. He’s had colds, but nothing too terrible. He did throw up once. Well, twice, in the same night, but then he was better by morning. It was pretty mild. And that’s it. Please don’t get this Daniel, it’s horrible! And he’s growing 2 more teeth right now too, so he’s already a cranky pants. Plus tomorrow is a daycare day and I have so much stuff to get done, none of which will be easy if I have a sick me or Daniel to take care of.

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