The thing in the kitchen

9 Dec

For months I’ve been putting up sponsored posts every Thursday. Well, last Thursday, I finally got my payload. My decently sized brand spanking new fridge.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a perfectly good fridge. It was reasonably new and therefore not full of mold or frost. It runs well. The food always stayed a good temperature. The problem was it’s size. By the time we put all of our necessary condiments in the fridge, plus a bottle of whole milk for the kids and light milk for us, there wasn’t much room for anything else. Plus the freezer was tiny as well. I couldn’t have lots of throw it in the oven quickly stuff if I also wanted vegetables. With two young kids, that’s kind of a problem.

We used to have a normal sized fridge. When we were still living with Grandma, our fridge lived in the garage collecting dust. The Jess then got married and she needed a fridge, so we gave her ours. But then when we moved out we didn’t have one, so YaYa gave us one of hers that was in the penthouse at the accommodation she ran in Byron Bay. We are very grateful for that, it was just time for an upgrade.

If you remember, we live in a two bedroom apartment. It’s not tiny, but it’s not big either. I measured and re-measured and measured again the area where the fridge goes. There’s not a lot of space there. Not if you want to open the oven door at least. And get into the laundry room.

Even so, found the one side by side fridge/freezer that would fit. The very smallest one. I want lots of freezer space so I can cook in bulk and freeze stuff, and the side by sides offer much more freezer space then the freezer on top or bottom. If I cook in bulk, I will not only save money, but time as well. There are certainly those days where the kids wear me out and I have no time to make dinner unless I do it after they go to bed, by which time I feel like my stomach is going to eat itself and I’m going to yell the house down. I get crazy when I’m hungry. So, cooking in bulk and freezing meals will be perfect. Not to mention, if I’m not going to the supermarket every other day to buy milk (the other fridge could only fit the small cartons of milk), I won’t end up spending a bunch of money on other stuff while I’m there (because for some reason, that always happens).

Anyway…I ordered a frige online because a) I could use all of my paypal money without having to transfer it to my bank account and inevitably spending it before actually buying the fridge b) it was cheaper online and c) they delivered and installed for free.

Since the delivery was free, I couldn’t pick the time, only the date. Then I had to wait for a phone call before 10am on the day to tell me when the fridge would come. “Between 2 and 4.” They told me.

Awesome. I waited all day, cleaning the house and doing my usual Thursday kids-are-at-daycare stuff. They didn’t show up until 4:20. Almost time to go and pick up the kids.

I nearly jumped off the couch in excitement when I heard the knock at the door. I knew it was the delivery of my new fridge. I opened the door with a giant goofy grin plastered on my face, because yeah, a new fridge is that exciting to me. Looking back, I think the delivery boy (and I say boy because he couldn’t have been more than 21) probably could have taken my goofy grin for flirting as he then blushed and grinned back at me when I opened the door.  Or maybe he was just excited to give me my new fridge since I was so happy to get it. Note to self: tone down excitement when getting deliveries.

“Uh…you…ordered a fridge?” Delivery boy asked me.

“I did!” I was still quite excited. Finally I would be able to have ice cubes and ice cream in the freezer AT THE SAME TIME! A must for summer. And it is summer down here.

“Er…um…I don’t now if it’s going to fit through your door.”

“Are you serious? How do you usually get this fridge through doors?”

He went and got the driver who came and measured the door. No problem there. Phew.

“I don’t know if it will fit under the arch.” The driver told me. Crap. I didn’t think to measure anything except the space the fridge was going in.

“Are you sure there is enough room for the fridge here?” He asked me.

“Well, it will hang over past the laundry room door, but not so much that I can’t open the oven or get into the laundry room. It’s fine, I measured it.” Not that me measuring amounts to much. Remember what happened when I measured the space for the dishwasher at Grandma’s house?

“Alright, we’ll give it a go.”

I had to move the dining table, the couch, the baby fence, and the kids’ kitchen before they came back with the fridge. (sorry about the poor quality photos, I was just using my iPhone).

The footrest end of the couch upturned to make room

The footrest end of the couch upturned to make room

Getting the fridge up the stairs was no easy feat. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it.

getting the fridge up the stairs

getting the fridge up the stairs

Despite being worried, the fridge cleared the door just fine. After they managed to get it turned after the stairs that is. Turning was the tricky part. There wasn’t much room.

getting the fridge through the door

getting the fridge through the door

They only just had enough room getting it through the living room even though I moved the end of the couch.


And finally, they got it under the arch and into it’s spot. Phew. Just in time for me to not be late picking up the kids. Just.

Yes, I can open the oven door. Just.

Yes, I can open the oven door. Just.

I am aware that the fridge is too big for our apartment, but we don’t plan on living her forever. We do intend to buy our own place soonish. And in the mean time, we can save a bit of extra time and money on food with this baby.

Keep in mind, that my new fridge is the very smallest of the side by sides. Now see how small my old fridge is?


I’m not sure where I’m going to put the microwave now….

Oh how I love my new fridge. Now to start that bulk cooking.

And I’m still going to do sponsored posts. I have a big family trip to the U.S. to save for. My cousin is getting married in September, and I have to be there. She is more like my sister. We even shared a room for a while when we were little. None of my family have met Daniel and they haven’t seen Hannah since March nearly 2 years ago, and Aaron since…hmm…December 4 years ago. So yeah, we are all going. We’d better start saving!

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  1. February 7, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    I want to know the reason you called this particular posting,
    “The thing in the kitchen ”. In any case I actually appreciated the
    article!Thanks a lot-Ila

    • Mommy Adventures February 7, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

      Because “New Refrigerator” is too boring for my liking.


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