Oops, I broke it

8 Nov

Remember when I told you about how Daniel climbs on everything? When I thought he might break the window with his head, I moved the furniture in their room around. By myself. No easy feat when you’re 5 foot 2 and weigh 48.5 kilos.

I stood back and admired the new set up, quite pleased with my efforts. Unfortunately, the book shelf has never been the same since. The cheap cardboard back that slots in doesn’t fit anymore. The shelves were hanging precariously from their little metal things that you put in the pre-made holes so you can adjust the height of each shelf. Somehow the ends of the book case got wider when I moved it. But the shelves obviously didn’t, so they are too narrow for the frame. Hence the precarious hanging.

Today, it finally broke. The first shelf is sitting on top of all the books on the bottom shelf, the little metal thing bent in half and hanging sadly.

“You should have waited for me to help you move stuff.” Aaron told me this morning. Yes well… It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I guess this time we need to not be cheap skates and buy a decent book shelf. One that is sturdy and made with actual wood. One that doesn’t wobble from side to side when you touch it. A well crafted, good one.

Like this one from Baby & Co:

While I’m at it, maybe I could get Daniel a cot that actually has a working rail. His won’t go down. Usually. Sometimes I can get it down, but the whole time I’m forcing it, I’m worried the whole cot is going to fall apart. This one looks nice (can you tell all the furniture in their room is white? I like stuff to match…):

Although Daniel is 15 months old now (OH MY GOSH! Where did that time go?!?!?!?!), so he’ll be needing a toddler bed soon. Luckily the above cot also turns into toddler bed with, or without a back. It’s a 3-in-1. Gotta love that.

With the back. You can take the slatted side off.

*This post was brought to you by Baby & Co

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