Flashback Friday: Can tipping

2 Nov

“What do you wanna do?” One of my friends asked, back when we were 16 and thought we were all super awesome.

“I dunno.” I said.

“Let’s drive around.” Someone else said. Ok, fine, I’m sure this wasn’t the exact conversation, but it was 13 years ago (you’re doing the math right now, aren’t you? I’ll save you the trouble, I’m 29), so cut me some slack.

“Ok, off to the Shaggin’ Wagon.” That was my van. It had another name too. A name I gave it, rather than my friends who were being ironic, but I can’t really remember what it was. People liked to call it the shaggin’ wagon due to it’s back 2 bench seats that nicely folded down to make a bed. A bed that didn’t see any shagging. Not when I owned it at least.

My van

Sometimes my friends and I would drive around at night and find those signs with the moveable letters and then change them to say inappropriate things. We’re probably the reason businesses started putting lockable plexiglass covers over the letters.

One of the signs we changed

Sometimes we would go to the 24 hour supermarket dressed like weirdos and walk around trying to get funny looks from people or push each other around the parking lot in shopping carts.

My friends and I (I’m second from the right in the first picture, and the one pushing the shopping trolley in the second) dressed in crazy clothes and makeup for a night of mischief

Once we pushed over a porta-potty, but we felt kind of bad as all the human excrement oozed out onto the ground, so we never did that again.

As we drove around, we noticed all the bins (garbage cans) at the end of everyone’s driveways.

“Let’s hit one.” I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but we were bored, so I went with it.

Putting my foot on the accelerator, I drove straight towards an empty garbage bin (I knew it was empty because the garbage man came earlier that morning. I wasn’t about to scatter litter everywhere. I’m no tosser.) Just as the front bumper of my van hit the bin, I slammed on the breaks.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone was laughing hysterically as the bin flew in the air in front of us, landing with a thud 10 feet away.

We definitely needed to try that again.

I drove my van back onto the road and put my foot down as we approached another bin. BANG! It flew in the air as the last one had.

I can’t remember how many bins we hit. 3, maybe 4. Then we came to a dead end. Crap.

I did my best 3 point turn, which was easy in my skinny van that had an amazing turning circle. I cruised down the road, doing the speed limit, which was only about 25mph.

We giggled as I drove, all of us high on the adrenaline of doing something so naughty (and it is very naughty, don’t go bin tipping, it’s not very nice! I was a dumb teenager!).

Suddenly, I stopped laughing. My already pale white face went an impossibly paler shade of white.

“Oh crap.” Someone said. They’d all seen it by then.

I couldn’t go around them. They were blocking the entire road. It’s not like it was a big road, only a 2 lane rural-ish road without even a shoulder. They stood far enough apart to block the road, but not far enough that I could fit the van between them. Wow, I just remembered, we weren’t even driving in my van that day (although we have been can tipping in my van), we were in my friend’s Dad’s truck. My friend’s Dad’s expensive extended cab, fairly new truck.

We were all silent as my friend came to a stop in front of the angry shirtless rednecks who each held a baseball bat with one hand and were tapping the end of the bat on their other hand all cranky like. We were just a group of 16 year old girls, what were these rednecks going to do to us?

White as a ghost, my friend put her foot back down on the accelerator, slowly inching forward, letting the angry mob know that we were getting through whether they moved or not.

BANG! BANG! As we passed through the mob, they pelted the truck with their baseball bats, nearly making us wet ourselves with fright in the process.

Needless to say, we never went can tipping after that.

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