What would a burglary mean to you?

1 Nov

My house got robbed once. About 10 years ago when I was living with 3 other people in a shared house. It sucked. I was doing a photography course through TAFE (which is like a technical college) at the time, as an International Student. I can’t remember what the dirtbags stole from everyone else in the house, but from my room, they stole the only valuable thing I had: my camera. The very camera I needed for my TAFE course. Did I mention that the TAFE course was also my ticket to staying in the country? Yes, with strict conditions. I had to attend 80% of my classes, as well as pass all of my classes, or face deportation. Needless to say the loss of my SLR camera was devastating. We didn’t have any form or alarms, insurance, etc. In addition to doing a full time TAFE course, I also worked part time as a waitress, which barely paid for my rent, food, film, and photo paper (we had to develop and print everything ourselves), so there was no way I could buy another camera. It sucked. And any time my room mates were away after that and I was at the house all by myself, I had to sleep with the tv on in my room (they didn’t steal it because it was the crappiest of the crap TV’s) and lights on in the lounge room. I was petrified that the burglars would come back and find me there all alone.

The following post is written and sponsored by ADT:

My home is very precious to me. By that I don’t just mean the bricks and mortar or even the things we’ve collectively filled it with over the years. I mean how it feels to me, and my kids to be in our nest – our little corner of the world.

Home is a place you feel comfortable and safe, which is why I found an advert I came across on the web hit home straight away. The ad in question here, from wireless alarm system providers ADT, uses the tagline “It’s not what they take, it’s what they leave behind.” It’s a strong message and one that without a doubt makes an immediate impact. I admit, I’ll probably be double checking doors and windows are locked for a few weeks now after watching it!

We are very lucky to live in a nice area and I feel safe, but I started thinking what it would be like if I didn’t. Not just in terms of if we were burgled, or how it would be to not feel able to let the kids play outside or to have good schools in the area to send them to. I feel very blessed.

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