What to get your young one this Christmas

1 Nov

I’m struggling with this very concept right now. Not for Hannah, I know what we’re getting Hannah for Christmas, but we don’t know what to get for Daniel. I’ll just have to read this weeks guest post:

With so many new toys on the market with so many different designs it’s hard to know
exactly what to look for this Christmas. Try to consider what kind of personality your child has; are
they sporty, love learning, or do they love the latest toys?

The Classics:

Going with the tried and tested winners is always a safe bet. Some of the great classic gifts
are the ball and catcher’s mitt, toy cars or western style toy guns for boys. Classic girl toys are dress
up dolls, butterfly wings, and princess dress ups. Action figurines are great; it’s just working out who
their favourite characters are that’s the hard part. Lego is one of the most popular toys ever created.
Lego blocks are a simple idea, but in the right hands can become a source of endless entertainment.
For those unfamiliar with Lego, you simply fit together different size blocks to create whatever you
want. The only downside of Lego is the mess. You do NOT want to step on a rogue Lego block on the
carpet; TRUST ME. It hurts! Lego and other creative toys can help your child’s mind to grow by
helping to build their creativity and thinking skills.

The New:

Technology is at the forefront of the latest toys. There are plenty of new games for console
games like X-Box and Nintendo, as well as plenty of other new software. One of the most popular
computer games is Minecraft (note from Sheri: This game is not just for kids, Aaron and I play it a lot! We love it!). This game allows the child to build their own city and create all kinds of fun and exciting places, while battling away skeletons and zombies. This game has recently been released on X-Box, and has become even more popular. If your kid loves computer games, and loves
to create; this game might be for them. More great toys can be found at oo.com.au.

The latest and greatest toys don’t always have to have the newest hi-tech gizmos inside them. Some
of the newest crazes take the classics and put a different spin on them. Action figures like Ben 10
are very popular with children, particularly boys, following the success of the TV show. These action
figures often come with matching watches so kids can play along too.

*This post was written and sponsored by oo.com.au

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3 Responses to “What to get your young one this Christmas”

  1. LBcruiseshipblogger November 1, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    At Daniel’s age, it’s probably not that important what’s in the box at present-opening time. He’ll likely want to play with the ribbons, the paper, and the box itself.

  2. Aeronwen November 2, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    minecraft is a compulsive game, I and my children have played it. But the game I am thrilled that they play (and sometimes let me play) is Hamilton’s Great Adventure. It is a puzzle adventure game that starts simply but gets more complicated with each level, I was very impressed at the way it teaches problem solving skills, encourages logical thinking and careful planning. My daughter just thought she was having fun! Also we talked together for longer during the game play than we usually manage in a week!

    As it is co-operative and 2 children can play together on one PC (or PS3) it is perfect for 2 siblings.

    The upside is that the game (Hamilton’s Great Adventure) costs just £7.99 on Steam (steam is a game store and platform, you will need to register there to play the game), the downside is that it is a digital download so there is nothing to wrap up for Christmas unless you get creative and make them a voucher!

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