Weekend with The Jess

29 Oct

I know, I haven’t written much on the blog lately. Sigh. But I had a good reason. The Jess (aka The Sister-in-law) was here. If you remember, she moved to Adelaide over 3 months ago and I haven’t seen her since. Until Wednesday when I picked her up from the airport at almost 9pm.

Speaking of which, when I was there, in that little car park that gives you 10 minutes for free, I saw a woman wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe walking around looking for people. Clearly she was there to pick them up, but come on, is it that hard to put clothes on? I wonder at what point/what age you think “Hmm… I’m picking someone up from the airport. Eh, I’ll just wear my bathrobe,” and that seems perfectly ok and reasonable. Or maybe she is just a huge prankster and thought it would be hilarious.

The 10 minute car park seems like a good idea, but I got there a bit too early (I left myself some getting lost time. I may be prone to such things…) and didn’t really want to drive the entire airport loop while I waited for The Jess’ flight to come in. I didn’t want to get lost after I somehow managed to find the tiny car park entrance in the first place. Needless to say, I had to pay for my parking spot. I was there for about 15 minutes. They used to give you 15 minutes free. Sigh.

Usually on Thursdays, I clean the house and go to the gym while Hannah is at preschool and Daniel is at daycare. But you know, that would be kind of rude while I have a guest. So I took the day off. We went to the shopping centre (where I applied for my Australian passport!!!), went out to lunch, tried on some clothes, got a few groceries. We were done by 12:30.

“What do you want to do now?” The Jess asked me.

“Um…I have no idea.” Spoken like a true mom who rarely gets spare time. We were thinking of going to see a movie, but they are so expensive these days (and I’m cheap frugal) and it was such a beautiful day, we didn’t want to waste it being shut in a giant room with no windows. “I just want to enjoy the sunshine.”

We ended up going to Grandma’s house, filling up the kiddie pool, and reading books in the sun as we ate ice blocks and dangled our feet in the pool. It was awesome.

She stayed for 3 short days and then flew home again. I miss her, and can’t wait until next month, when the kids and I fly to Adelaide for a visit! Ok, I can’t wait for the visiting part, the flying with 2 kids by myself part…. Not so much.

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