9 Oct

Aaron was playing “Hop my stool” with Hannah when he broke one of her stools. One goes in the bathroom so she can reach the sink, the other in the kitchen, so she can reach the bench to help me bake stuff.

Hannah made up “Hop my stool.” Basically, you stand on one stool and then jump to the other one.

These particular stools were apparently not made for adults. Or maybe just for adults jumping on them.

So we went off to Kmart to buy Hannah another stool. Her monkey stool stood the daddy jumping on it test, but the plain boring blue one, did not. Hannah picked a new pink stool with a butterfly on it. Just like her monkey stool, only it was a butterfly. Good choice.

I needed some things from the supermarket while we were at the shopping centre, so I pushed the ridiculous shopping trolley that has 4 turning wheels instead of just the front two towards Coles. We had to pass an ice cream shop on the way.

Hannah: “Mommy, can I have some ice cream?”

Me: “It’s almost dinner time sweetie, plus you didn’t eat any lunch, so you can’t have ice cream. How about I buy a tub of ice cream at the supermarket and if you eat all of your dinner, then you can have some?”

Hannah: “Ok Mommy!” She was quite excited by the prospect. “But don’t give me anything yucky for dinner. Only things I know I like.”

Sigh. Bribery backfires when your kid is too smart.

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